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top gaming headphones under 1000 inr

When it comes to the symphony of gaming, the right headphones can be the conductor that enhances your entire experience. Imagine the soundscapes unfolding before you, each step, explosion, or whisper brought to life with clarity and precision.

Whether you’re diving into the depths of virtual worlds or engaging in competitive battles, having the perfect audio companion can make all the difference. However, with a plethora of options available, making the best choice can be overwhelming.

Let’s explore six top picks for gaming headphones under 1000 INR that promise an immersive gaming journey that resonates with every virtual step you take.

Key Takeaways

  • Prioritize clear, balanced, and powerful audio output
  • Ensure a secure fit for blocking external noise
  • Opt for noise-canceling microphones for clear communication
  • Check user feedback on durability for insights

Redgear Cloak Wired RGB Wired Over Ear Gaming Headphones with Mic for PC

rgb gaming headphones with mic

For gamers seeking budget-friendly headphones with immersive sound quality and customizable RGB lighting, the Redgear Cloak Wired RGB Wired Over Ear Gaming Headphones with Mic for PC is an excellent choice under 1000 INR. With a 50mm driver delivering enhanced audio bass and clarity, you can dive deep into your gaming world with rich, detailed sound.

The omnidirectional microphone ensures clear communication during intense gaming sessions. The noise-isolating memory foam ear pads and adjustable split headband provide comfort for long hours of play. Additionally, the RGB LED light effect adds a stylish touch to your setup.

While some users mention occasional volume adjustment issues and the headset being heavy for extended use, the overall rating of 4.7/5 highlights the positive feedback on the build quality, bass performance, sensitivity, and frequency response.

Best For: Gamers looking for budget-friendly headphones with immersive sound quality and customizable RGB lighting.


  • Good build quality
  • Excellent bass, sensitivity, and frequency response
  • Customizable RGB lighting


  • Non-braided cable

Tukzer AirSound Gaming Over-Ear Headset Headphone (Alpha2)

high quality gaming headset

With its 50mm driver for surround sound and noise-canceling microphone, the Tukzer AirSound Gaming Over-Ear Headset Headphone (Alpha2) offers an immersive gaming experience suitable for budget-conscious gamers looking for quality and functionality. The ergonomic design features a retractable headband and memory foam ear pads for extended comfort during long gaming sessions.

Compatible with various games and platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Laptop, this headset provides a versatile gaming experience. Users have praised its build quality, cable length, mic quality, and voice clarity, making it a budget-friendly option for gamers. While some users have mentioned issues with sound and mic quality, the Tukzer AirSound headset delivers an immersive gaming experience with clear communication, suitable for both gaming and music enthusiasts.

Best For: Gamers seeking an affordable and versatile headset for immersive gaming experiences with clear communication.


  • Quality build and durable cable
  • Comfortable design for long gaming sessions
  • Budget-friendly option with good mic quality


  • Mixed opinions on sound quality

RPM Euro Games 3D Ultra Wired Gaming Headphones with Mic (Blue)

blue gaming headphones with mic

Featuring 3D gaming sound for precise directional audio cues, the RPM Euro Games 3D Ultra Wired Gaming Headphones with Mic in Blue are ideal for gamers seeking immersive gameplay experiences on a budget under 1000 INR. These headphones come equipped with a noise-canceling boom mic, ensuring clear communication with your teammates.

The ergonomic design, which includes soft earmuffs and an adjustable headband, provides comfort during long gaming sessions. Compatible with various platforms through a 3.5mm jack, these headphones offer versatility for different gaming setups. The lightweight construction and noise isolation capabilities enhance your focus on the game.

With positive feedback on sound quality and design, these RPM Euro Games headphones could be a budget-friendly option for your gaming needs.

Best For: Gamers looking for an affordable gaming headset with good sound quality and comfort.


  • 3D gaming sound for directional audio cues
  • Noise-canceling boom mic for clear communication
  • Comfortable ergonomic design with soft earmuffs and adjustable headband


  • Mixed opinions on value for money

Zebronics Jet PRO Premium Wired Gaming On Ear Headphone

high quality wired gaming headphones

The Zebronics Jet PRO Premium Wired Gaming On-Ear Headphone stands out for its immersive LED lighting experience, making it an ideal choice for gamers seeking a visually engaging setup on a budget. With 40mm Neodymium drivers, this headphone delivers powerful bass and clear sound quality, rated at 8/10 by users.

The 2-meter braided cable ensures durability, while the LED lights on the headband and earcups enhance the gaming atmosphere, scoring 9/10 for aesthetics. The flexible mic with an in-line controller allows for easy adjustments during gameplay.

Though some users noted discomfort due to sweat buildup and bulkiness, the overall rating of 7/10 emphasizes affordability and quality. If you prioritize sound quality, RGB lighting, and budget-friendly options, the Zebronics Jet PRO is worth considering for your gaming setup.

Best For: Gamers looking for an affordable gaming headset with immersive LED lighting and quality sound performance.


  • Powerful bass and clear sound quality with 40mm Neodymium drivers.
  • Enhanced gaming atmosphere with LED lights on headband and earcups.
  • Convenient in-line controller for mic adjustments during gameplay.


  • Discomfort reported by some users due to sweat buildup and bulkiness during extended use.

PunnkFunnk (K20) Over Ear Gaming Headphones with Mic

gaming headphones with microphone

For gamers seeking budget-friendly headphones with immersive sound quality and a comfortable fit, the PunnkFunnk (K20) Over Ear Gaming Headphones with Mic offer a compelling choice under 1000 INR. These wired headphones feature a 50mm surround sound unit for an immersive gaming experience. The soft and comfortable wear ensures long gaming sessions without discomfort. The noise-canceling headphone enhances communication during gameplay. Compatible with various devices and equipped with a Mic Audio Y Splitter Cable connector, these headphones cater to different gaming setups. The PunnkFunnk (K20) headphones come with a quality guarantee and a 12-month warranty, adding to their appeal. While receiving positive feedback on sound quality, comfort, and value for the price, some users have reported mixed feedback on microphone quality and occasional USB connection issues.

Best For: Gamers on a budget looking for immersive sound quality, comfort, and versatility in gaming headphones under 1000 INR.


  • 50mm surround sound unit for an immersive gaming experience
  • Soft and comfortable wear for extended gaming sessions
  • Noise-canceling microphone for clear communication during gameplay


  • Mixed feedback on microphone quality

Redgear Shadow Spear Gaming Wired On Ear Headphones with Mic

wired gaming headphones with mic

With its adjustable headbands, 50mm drivers, and breathing LED lights, the Redgear Shadow Spear Gaming Wired On-Ear Headphones with Mic cater to gamers seeking an immersive audio experience within a budget-friendly range. The headphones feature an omni-directional microphone, adjustable headbands for comfort, a braided cable for durability, and an inline remote control for easy access to audio and mic settings. While some users find the headphones suitable for gaming and music, others have reported discomfort, connectivity issues, or damage during transportation. Customer feedback varies on aspects such as audio quality, bass levels, and the setup of the three separate wires for RGB lights, microphone, and audio. Available at a price of INR 799, these headphones offer a mix of features and functionalities that cater to different gaming preferences and styles.

Best For: Gamers looking for an affordable gaming headset with immersive audio and LED lighting features.


  • Equipped with 50mm drivers for powerful sound output.
  • Adjustable headbands and comfortable design for long gaming sessions.
  • Breathing LED lights add a cool aesthetic to the gaming setup.


  • Mixed reviews on volume, mic, and LED functionality may affect user experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Headphones for Gaming Under 1000 INR

When selecting headphones for gaming under 1000 INR, you should pay attention to:

  • Sound quality
  • Comfort
  • Mic performance

Ensure the headphones are durable for long gaming sessions and are compatible with your gaming devices. These factors play a crucial role in enhancing your gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Sound Quality Considerations

When selecting headphones for gaming under 1000 INR, prioritize sound quality above all else to ensure an immersive and impactful gaming experience. Look for headphones with clear, balanced, and powerful audio output to fully immerse yourself in the gaming environment.

Consider options with surround sound capability for enhanced spatial awareness and better directional audio cues during gameplay. Opt for headphones featuring noise-canceling microphones to facilitate clear communication with teammates and minimize background distractions.

Check the frequency response and sensitivity specifications to ensure the headphones can accurately reproduce a wide range of sounds and handle audio dynamics effectively. Additionally, prioritize comfort by choosing headphones with soft ear cushions and an adjustable headband to prevent fatigue during long gaming sessions.

Comfort and Fit

Consider prioritizing comfort and fit when selecting headphones for gaming under 1000 INR to ensure an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience. Opt for headphones with adjustable headbands and cushioned ear cups to provide a comfortable fit, especially during long gaming sessions.

Look for lightweight designs that won’t strain your neck and ears. Adjustable headbands allow you to customize the fit to your head size, reducing discomfort and ensuring a snug feel. Additionally, breathable materials and soft padding can enhance overall comfort.

A secure fit is crucial for blocking out external noise and maintaining focus during gameplay. By choosing headphones that prioritize comfort and fit, you can elevate your gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Mic Performance Importance

Select headphones with a high-quality microphone to enhance your gaming experience under 1000 INR. A good mic is crucial for clear communication with teammates during gaming sessions, improving overall gameplay.

Opting for a headset with noise-canceling microphones can help eliminate background noise, ensuring your voice is heard clearly. In online multiplayer games, where teamwork and strategy rely on effective communication, a reliable mic becomes essential.

The quality of the microphone significantly impacts the gaming experience, making it a key factor to consider when choosing gaming headphones within a limited budget. Prioritizing mic performance can elevate your gaming sessions, enabling seamless communication and coordination with your team for a more immersive experience.

Durability for Longevity

For enhanced longevity when selecting gaming headphones under 1000 INR, prioritize headphones crafted with durable materials and robust construction. Opt for headphones with sturdy build materials that can withstand regular use and potential impacts.

Look for reinforced or tangle-free cables to ensure they endure bending and movement without damage. Choose headphones with strong hinges and adjustable headbands to prevent breakage during adjustments and prolonged wear.

Checking user feedback on long-term durability can provide insights into how well the headphones maintain quality over time. Additionally, considering the warranty or guarantee offered by the manufacturer can help gauge their confidence in the product’s longevity.

Selecting headphones with these durability features can ensure they last longer and provide a better gaming experience.

Compatibility With Devices

When choosing headphones for gaming under 1000 INR, ensure they’re compatible with a range of gaming platforms such as PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Check for compatibility with the specific audio jack or connectivity options supported by your gaming device to guarantee seamless integration. Look for headphones with universal compatibility to switch between different devices effortlessly.

Consider the compatibility of the microphone with your gaming setup for clear communication with teammates. Additionally, ensure the headphones are compatible with the gaming and audio software you plan to use for an optimal gaming experience. By prioritizing compatibility with a variety of devices and software, you can enhance your gaming immersion without breaking the bank.

Value for Money

Consider the durability and build quality of the headphones to ensure they deliver lasting value for your gaming experience within a budget of 1000 INR. Opt for features like noise cancellation, surround sound, and adjustable headbands to enhance your gaming immersion without breaking the bank.

Check the headphones’ compatibility with various gaming platforms and devices to ensure versatility and value for money. Assess user feedback and reviews to gauge factors such as sound quality, comfort, and durability, which contribute to the overall value for money.

Compare technical specifications and additional features offered by different headphones to make an informed decision and maximize the value you get within your budget. Make sure to prioritize durability and essential gaming features to ensure a satisfying and long-lasting gaming experience without overspending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Headphones Be Used With Consoles Like PS4 or Xbox One?

Yes, these headphones can be used with consoles like PS4 or Xbox One. They offer compatibility with various gaming platforms, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices for an immersive gaming session without any hassle.

Are These Headphones Compatible With Mobile Devices Like Smartphones and Tablets?

Ever tried plugging a square peg into a round hole? Well, these headphones are like that – they fit mobile devices like a glove! Seamless compatibility with smartphones and tablets for your gaming pleasure.

Do These Headphones Have Noise-Canceling Features for a Better Gaming Experience?

Yes, these headphones feature noise-canceling technology for an enhanced gaming experience. You’ll enjoy immersive gameplay without distracting background noise. Get ready to dive into your games with crystal-clear audio and focus on every sound detail.

How Long Is the Warranty Period for These Headphones?

Warranty for these headphones lasts 1 year, giving you peace of mind. Remember, it’s like having a guardian angel for your gaming experience. So, play on worry-free, knowing you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

Are There Any Additional Accessories Included With These Headphones, Such as a Carrying Case or Extra Ear Cushions?

Yes, there are additional accessories included with these headphones. You’ll find a carrying case and extra ear cushions in the package. These add-ons enhance your overall experience and provide convenience for storage and comfort.


You’ve now got a range of affordable gaming headphones to choose from.

Did you know that over 75% of gamers believe that having good quality headphones enhances their gaming experience?

So, pick one from our list and immerse yourself in the world of gaming without breaking the bank!

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