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Write For Us: Gaming Related to Guest Posts

Welcome to our “Write For Us” page dedicated to all things gaming! We are thrilled to invite writers who are passionate about video games, gaming culture, and the gaming industry to contribute to our platform. Whether you’re an expert in game development, a seasoned gamer, or someone who enjoys exploring the sociopolitical aspects of gaming, we want to hear from you. Our audience is diverse, ranging from casual players to hardcore gamers, all eager for fresh perspectives and insights.

Our Audience

Our readers are gamers, developers, and tech enthusiasts who seek the latest in gaming trends, news, and deep dives into gaming mechanics. They range from casual mobile gamers to professional eSports athletes looking for nuanced discussions on game strategy, design, and gaming technology. Your contributions can enlighten, guide, and entertain our community, enhancing their gaming experiences.


To maintain the high quality of content our readers expect, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Originality: Content must be original and unpublished elsewhere.
  • Relevance: Articles should focus on gaming—this includes reviews, strategy guides, developer interviews, insights into gaming culture, and upcoming gaming tech.
  • Quality: We expect well-written, informative, and engaging content with a minimum of 800 words. Structure your articles with clear headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to improve readability.
  • Evidence-Based: For technical discussions, reviews, or strategy guides, support your points with research, statistics, or firsthand experiences.
  • Images: Include high-quality images relevant to your content (ensure you have the rights to them or they are royalty-free).
  • No Sales Pitches: While discussing games or tech, the focus should be on providing value rather than selling a product.

How to Submit Your Article

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, please proceed as follows:

  • Email Us: Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Post Submission: [Your Topic]”.
  • Outline: Include a brief outline or summary of your article. Explain why it’s a good fit for our audience and how it adds value.
  • About You: Provide some background about yourself and your experience in gaming. Links to previous writings or a portfolio are appreciated.

We review submissions continuously and strive to respond promptly. Due to the volume of submissions, it may take a few days to get back to you.

Why Write for Us?

Contributing to our site allows you to share your expertise and insights with a broad audience passionate about gaming. It’s an excellent opportunity to impact the gaming community, enhance your profile, and connect with peers. We also promote our content across various social media channels, giving your articles additional visibility.

Thank you for considering a contribution to our community. We are eager to showcase your expert advice and narratives to help enrich the gaming experience for all.

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