Do you play Minecraft? Have you ever heard of the mysterious music discs that can be found in loot chests or crafted? If so, you may have wondered what these discs are and how to get them. Well, wonder no more!

In this article, we will explore the different types of music discs available in Minecraft, and how to obtain them.From the tranquil 11-disc to the dynamic 13 discs, each disc offers a unique musical experience for players.

Crafting your own music disc allows you to bring your own sound into the world of Minecraft.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful way to relax or an upbeat tune that will energize your game, this article provides all the information you need on the various types of music discs available in-game.

So if you’ve been curious about music discs and want to learn more, read on!

Here we’ll uncover everything there is to know about obtaining and crafting these special items so that everyone can enjoy some sweet tunes while playing their favorite game – Minecraft!

Overview Of Music Discs

Music discs are special items that can be found or crafted in the game Minecraft. They can be played in a jukebox and will play music for players to enjoy.

There are 11 different music discs available, each with its own unique sound. The names of these discs range from “11” to “Stal”. Some of them may also be found naturally in chests in the world.

To get a music disc, players must either craft it themselves or find it while exploring the world. Crafting a disc requires the materials necessary to make a jukebox and one of the 11 discs.

To find them naturally, players will need to search certain areas such as dungeons and strongholds where they have a chance of being found in chests.

Players who manage to obtain all 11 music discs will receive an achievement known as “A Whole New World”. This achievement is rewarded by having all 11 discs playing at once in the same jukebox.

Rarity Of Music Discs

The rarity of music discs in Minecraft can vary quite a bit. Some are incredibly hard to get, while others can be found easily.

For example, the 11 music disc is one of the most difficult to acquire, as it only has a 0.0025% chance of dropping from a creepers death.

The 13 music disc is also very rare, but this one has an easier source: it can be crafted by combining a record and gunpowder in a crafting table or furnace.

Other discs, like cat and blocks, are much more common and can be found in various places around the world. Cat discs have a 2% chance of being found inside chests in dungeons and strongholds. Blocks discs are even more common; they have an 8% chance of spawning in any chest containing music items.

They can also be crafted by combining two diamond blocks with a record in either a crafting table or furnace.

In short, some music discs are incredibly rare while others are more common and easier to find or craft. Regardless of their rarity though, they all provide an enjoyable listening experience!

Crafting Music Discs

Crafting music discs in Minecraft is relatively easy and can be done with a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to locate a jukebox, which can either be found in villages or crafted using six planks and one diamond.

Once you have your jukebox, you’ll need to craft the music disc itself. To do this, you’ll need one gold record and two blank records for each disc. The gold record is made from eight gold ingots and the blank records are made from four paper plus one disc of any color.

Once you have all your materials, it’s time to put them together! You’ll want to place the jukebox down on your crafting table first.

Then put the two blank discs above it and a single gold record below it – this will give you your music disc item. You can then move it around in your inventory as needed and place it back into the jukebox when desired.

Music discs come in many different varieties, such as cat, blocks, chirp, far, mall & mellohi.

Each disc has its own unique sound when played on a jukebox so try out a few different ones to see which one fits best with your world!

Locations To Find Music Discs

Music discs can be found in a variety of locations in Minecraft. The first place to check is the Nether. This dimension has several chests that spawn randomly, which may contain music discs, although they are rare.

Players should also keep an eye out for Ruined Portals in the Overworld, as these structures can also contain music discs. If a player is lucky enough to find one, it will usually be a random disc from the 12 available varieties.

Another great way to get music discs is by trading with villagers. Most villages have at least one librarian villager who offers different items for trade, including music discs.

However, players should note that these trades can be expensive, so it’s best to save up your coins before attempting to purchase any music discs from villagers.

Finally, fishing is an effective way of obtaining music discs in Minecraft. While players aren’t guaranteed to catch a disc while fishing, they have a chance of getting one if they’re lucky enough!

Trading For Music Discs

Trading for Music Discs is an option that players can take to get the discs they need. The only way to do this is by trading with a villager. To make a trade, you must right-click on a villager and select the ‘Trade’ option.

You will then be presented with a menu of items that the villager has available for sale. To find the music disc, look for the ‘Music’ category. This category will have any music disc that the villager is willing to trade for emeralds, which are the currency in Minecraft.

The amount of emeralds required for each disc will depend on what type of music disc it is and how rare it is. Generally speaking, rarer discs will require more emeralds to purchase than common ones. Once you have enough emeralds, you can offer them to the villager in exchange for a music disc of your choice.

You may also be able to get music discs from other players if they are willing to trade them away. To find out if players are interested in trading music discs, join an online server or use social media platforms like Reddit or Facebook.

It’s also possible to purchase music discs directly from other players if they’re willing to sell them at a reasonable price.

Method Of Obtaining Music Discs From Mobs

Music Discs can be obtained from mobs in Minecraft. This includes Monster Spawners and other mobs found throughout the game. When killed, they may drop a music disc as a rare loot. The type of music disc dropped is random, but it will usually match the type of mob killed. For example, a Zombie might drop a “13” music disc, while Skeletons can drop the “cat” or “11” discs.

It’s also possible to get Music Discs by trading with villagers. Different villagers have different trades available, so it’s worth checking out all of them to see if any are offering Music Discs. If they do, they’ll usually require emeralds or other items in exchange for the disc.

Players can also obtain Music Discs by fishing with a fishing rod in bodies of water. Fishing sometimes yields treasure chests which contain various items, including Music Discs. It should be noted that this method is very unreliable and unpredictable; players may need to fish for hours before obtaining their desired music disc.

Unobtainable Music Discs

Not all music discs can be obtained by fighting mobs. There are some that are unobtainable, and the only way to get them is through trading. These discs are known as ‘jukebox discs’ and they contain exclusive music tracks that cannot be found in any other form. Some of these music discs include “11”, “stal”, “mall”, “cat” and “blocks”.

These jukebox discs come with special rewards when traded between players. For example, if a player trades a jukebox disc called “11” they will receive an enchanted diamond item. Some of these rewards are quite rare, making the trade even more desirable.

Trading for jukebox discs is not always easy, but it can be worth it in the end. It requires a lot of patience and dedication to find someone who is willing to part with their rare disc. However, when successful, these trades can bring about some great rewards!

Playing And Listening To Music Discs

Playing and listening to music discs in Minecraft is a fun activity that can help you relax after a long day of playing. Music discs are found in chests throughout the game, and they come in different varieties such as “11”, “13”, “blocks”, “cat”, “chirp”, “far”, “mall”, and “stal.” Each music disc has a unique sound and duration when played.

To play them you must have a jukebox placed somewhere near where you are standing. Once you insert the disc into the jukebox it will start playing the song.

If you’re looking for a specific music disc then it’s important to know how to find them. The easiest way to get these is by killing creepers or other mobs that drop them when killed.

You can also find them in chest loot located in dungeons or abandoned mineshafts. Some of the rarer discs can only be acquired through trading with villagers or by fishing with a fishing rod.

Music discs add another layer of immersion to your Minecraft experience and make exploring different areas even more enjoyable. Whether you’re trying to find rare discs or just want something soothing while adventuring they are sure to add some flavor to your gameplay!

Jukeboxes And Note Blocks

Jukeboxes and Note Blocks are two key elements of the Minecraft music system. Jukeboxes allow players to play music discs, while Note Blocks create sounds when interacted with. By combining the two, players can make their own in-game music.

To use a Jukebox, simply right-click it and add a record of your choice. There are many different types of records available in the game, each playing its own unique tune when inserted into a Jukebox.

To craft a Note Block, you’ll need one block of wood plank, one redstone dust, and one note block. Once crafted, the block plays notes depending on what type of material is placed beneath it; for example placing sandstone beneath it will cause the Note Block to play a sandstone block sound.

It’s also possible to customize the pitch of each Note Block by pressing shift and using the arrow keys to adjust it up or down an octave at a time. With this combination of tools players can create their own unique melodies in Minecraft!

Creative Uses For Music Discs

Now that you know about jukeboxes and note blocks, let’s take a look at some of the creative ways to use music discs in Minecraft. Music discs are valuable items that can be used for many different purposes.

Firstly, music discs can be used to make custom soundtracks for your game. The eleven different music discs can be placed in any jukebox to play their corresponding songs. This is an excellent way to create an immersive atmosphere in your world and add some extra ambiance to your builds.

Secondly, music discs have a unique crafting recipe that allows you to turn them into iron nuggets. Iron nuggets are primarily used for crafting various items, such as iron bars and hoppers, so this is a great way to obtain them without having to mine for ore or trade with villagers.

Lastly, the record 11 disc is the only one that cannot be obtained by trading or mining. It is exclusive to players who have purchased the Minecon Live 2019 virtual event ticket or attended the physical event itself. The record 11 disc has a unique texture and plays a special song created by C418 specifically for Minecon Live 2019 attendees.


In conclusion, playing music discs in Minecraft is an exciting and creative way to explore the game. They are a great item to collect, trade, and use while playing. With their rarity and different locations to find them, they can add a unique touch to any build or level of play.

Although there are some unobtainable music discs, there are still plenty of ways to get your hands on them, such as crafting them or trading with other players.

I hope this article has helped you better understand the different minecraft music discs and how to get them so you can make the most out of your gaming experience. Thanks for reading!

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