League of Legends is a popular online game enjoyed by millions of players around the world. The game presents players with a variety of roles, characters and strategies to choose from, making it an exciting and engaging experience for both casual and professional gamers alike.

In this article, the top five jungle champions for beginners in League of Legends will be explored in detail.

The jungler is a key role in the game, as they have to coordinate with their team members to ensure victory. As such, choosing the right champion for the job can be tricky. In order to help new players make an informed decision on which champion to choose, this article will provide an overview of the five best league champions for beginners that excel in the jungle role.

Furthermore, each champion’s abilities and playstyle will be discussed, along with tips on how to effectively use them in game. This article aims to provide useful information on how to get started as a successful jungler in League of Legends and improve one’s gameplay overall.

Basic Knowledge

League of Legends is a popular online multiplayer battle arena game. It is a strategic game in which players control champions, powerful characters with unique abilities, to fight and defeat their opponents. Jungle champions have specific roles that make them well-suited to the environment they inhabit.

Beginners who are new to League of Legends may find it difficult to choose from the large selection of jungle champions. This article provides an overview of the top five jungle champions for beginners in League of Legends.

The first champion recommended for beginner jungle players is Amumu, the Sad Mummy. Amumu is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends due to his tanky nature and crowd control abilities. He has great potential for both ganking and team fights, which makes him an ideal choice for beginner junglers.

Another great choice for beginner junglers is Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. Lee Sin has strong ganking capabilities and can be used to set up plays or surprise enemies with his ultimate ability, Dragon’s Rage. His kit also includes an escape mechanism, allowing him to survive if things go wrong.

Thirdly, Kha’Zix, the Voidreaver, provides excellent mobility and damage output with his ultimate ability, Taste Their Fear. He can easily hunt down fleeing enemies or dive into team fights with ease thanks to his high burst damage and gap-closing abilities. With proper positioning and itemization, Kha’Zix can quickly become a major threat in any game.

Nunu & Willump, the Boy & Yeti duo, provide invaluable utility for their team through their supportive spells and crowd control effects provided by Nunu’s ultimate ability Absolute Zero.. They are great at clearing camps quickly while providing vision control around objectives such as Baron Nashor or Elder Dragon spawns.

Beginner junglers should not overlook this dynamic duo when considering their options in League of Legends.

Lastly, Shaco is an assassin-type champion known as the Demon Jester who excels at surprise attacks on enemy champions with his Deceive ability and Jack In The Box spell combo.. He can also split push effectively thanks to his Two-Shiv Poison ability which allows him to deal significant damage over time to enemy minions or structures from a safe distance away from danger zones on the map creating pressure around objectives such as turrets or inhibitors .

In summary, these five champions provide great options for beginner junglers looking to get into League of Legends: Amumu; Lee Sin; Kha’Zix; Nunu & Willump; Shaco . Each champion offers unique strengths that make them viable choices for newcomers looking to join the ever-growing world of League of Legends

Roles Of Champions In The Jungle

Jungle champions in League of Legends have a range of roles to play. These roles can be divided into two main categories: support and carry. Support jungle champions provide utility for the team by setting up plays, enabling allies, and providing vision control. They often lack damage output, but their presence is invaluable to any team composition.

Carry jungle champions are those that focus on dealing damage and taking objectives. They tend to have more impactful abilities with higher damage output, allowing them to take over fights and snowball games if they are not shut down early on.

When selecting a champion for the jungle role, it is important to consider how they fit into the team composition. For new players, it is recommended to start with junglers that are easy to pick up and understand such as Shyvana, Olaf, or Vi.

These champions offer great sustain in the jungle as well as reliable crowd-control abilities which makes them great picks for beginners who want to learn how to play the role effectively. Other popular beginner-friendly junglers include Amumu, Hecarim, and Kha’zix. All of these champions have balanced kit designs which make them good training wheels for learning how to play the role properly in League of Legends.

No matter what champion is chosen for the jungle position, understanding what each one offers is important in order for teams to succeed in game. Junglers should always strive to use their kit efficiently by keeping track of resources and making sure that there is enough presence around objectives such as dragon and baron pit in order for their team to have an edge over their opponents when it comes time for crucial fights late game.

Mastering Mechanics

Mastering mechanics is a key component of success in League of Legends. As a beginner, it can be difficult to understand the nuances of game mechanics. The five jungle champions listed previously all offer unique playstyles and strategies that are relatively simple for beginners to grasp. Jax and Kindred both rely heavily on mobility and positioning, while Amumu and Sejuani focus on crowd control abilities.

Kha’Zix focuses more on burst damage and ambushing enemies from unexpected angles. All five champions provide great tools for beginners who want to practice their mechanical skills in the jungle.

As with any champion, mastering mechanics requires practice and dedication. Beginners should begin by familiarizing themselves with the basics of each champion’s playstyle and kit, such as the cooldowns of their spells or the range of their auto-attacks.

Working on these fundamentals helps players learn how to optimize their performances in different areas like waveclear or teamfighting. Once they have these basics down, they can move onto more advanced concepts such as kiting or zoning opponents away from objectives.

By working on mastering mechanics with these jungle champions, players will gain valuable experience that will benefit them throughout their League of Legends career. With time and effort, they will become better at managing fights, outmaneuvering opponents, and making plays that have an impact on the game’s outcome.

Early Game Strategies

Early game strategies are essential to understand when playing League of Legends. The top five jungle champions for beginners include Amumu, Jarvan IV, Gragas, Maokai, and Sejuani. Each of these champions provides unique abilities that can help players dominate their opponents during the early game.

  1. Amumu is an excellent champion for beginners due to his high damage output and crowd control capabilities. His Despair ability deals AoE damage over time while his Curse of the Sad Mummy ultimate ability stuns enemies in a radius around him.
  2. Jarvin IV offers a great combination of mobility, utility and damage with his Dragon Strike and Demacian Standard abilities. His ultimate ability Cataclysm creates a circular wall which traps enemies inside and allows for easy pick-offs.
  3. Gragas has high mobility thanks to his Body Slam ability which allows him to quickly move from one location to another as well as escape from dangerous scenarios. His Explosive Cask ultimate ability also provides great teamfight initiation potential by knocking up enemies caught in its radius.
  4. Maokai is a tanky champion that excels at crowd control with his Vengeful Maelstrom ultimate ability which places a tornado on the map that slows enemies who pass through it while granting allies movement speed when they are inside it’s area of effect (AoE). He also has strong lane presence due to his saplings which provide vision as well as AoE damage when detonated by an enemy champion or minion passing near them.
  5. Sejuani is a very tanky jungler who has powerful initiation potential with her Arctic Assault ability which knocks up all enemies it passes through while dealing AoE damage around her target location upon impact. Her Permafrost passive also grants her bonus attack speed when she hits an enemy champion with any of her abilities so she can quickly clear camps or engage in teamfights efficiently during the early game phase.

Early game strategies require players to have knowledge of the different champions available in League of Legends as well as understand how their abilities interact with each other within the context of a game’s objectives and objectives progressions throughout its different stages such as laning phase, mid game and late game phases where fights become more frequent and important objectives become harder to attain due to enemy resistance increase drastically over time.

By understanding these concepts, players will be able to select the best champions for their playstyle and maximize their performance within each stage of a match accordingly for greater success overall

Choosing The Right Champion

When selecting a champion for the jungle role in League of Legends, it is important to consider the overall playstyle of the champion and how they fit into team compositions. Beginners should focus on champions that are relatively easy to learn and master.

The top five beginner-friendly champions for jungling include Amumu, Jarvan IV, Lee Sin, Gragas, and Xin Zhao.

Amumu is a tanky jungler who excels at initiating fights with his ultimate ability Curse of the Sad Mummy. His passive Cursed Touch makes his auto-attacks apply a debuff that reduces magic resistance and allows him to be highly effective against enemy teams with multiple mages or squishy targets.

He also has an incredibly versatile kit which makes him great at clearing camps quickly and getting around the map fast.

Jarvan IV is an aggressive fighter with a high burst damage potential who can easily take control of team fights if played correctly. His abilities have low cooldowns and he can use them to dash in and out of fights quickly while dealing massive amounts of damage in short periods of time.

His ultimate ability Cataclysm is especially powerful when used in combination with other crowd control effects from allied champions.

Lee Sin is a mobile assassin who can maneuver around the battlefield quickly to reach priority targets or escape dangerous situations. He has several powerful tools such as Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike and Tempest/Cripple which allow him to deal large amounts of burst damage to enemies while also providing utility for allies through crowd control effects like Dragon’s Rage or Safeguard/Iron Will shields.

Additionally, his ultimate ability Dragon’s Rage can be used both offensively and defensively depending on how it’s utilized during team fights.

Gragas is a mid-range mage who excels at applying pressure throughout the game by using his Drunken Rage ability to clear camps quickly while also dealing heavy area-of-effect damage in team fights with his Barrel Roll/Explosive Cask combo.

His ultimate Body Slam allows him to traverse walls and surprise enemies from unexpected angles while also providing additional protection for allies through its knockback effect.

Finally, Xin Zhao is a bruiser who relies on basic attack combos combined with crowd control effects from Three Talon Strike/Audacious Charge or Crescent Guard/Wind Becomes Lightning abilities to secure kills or protect allies during skirmishes or large scale battles.

Additionally, his ultimate Battle Cry provides bonus armor penetration which helps him shred through opponents’ health bars quickly when paired up with other items from his build path like Trinity Force or Black Cleaver .

Overall these five champions offer beginners an easy entry point into jungling by providing access to diverse playstyles that can help them gain valuable experience while learning more about their own strengths as players within League of Legends

Amumu: The Sad Mummy

Amumu is one of the most popular junglers in League of Legends. He is considered a great champion for beginners because he is relatively easy to play, he has good crowd control abilities, and his ultimate ability can be game-changing in team fights.

Amumu’s passive ability allows him to gain health regeneration and mana regeneration when he is near enemy champions with low health. This makes it easier for Amumu to sustain himself while farming in the jungle.

Good Crowd ControlWeak Early Game
Easy To PlayLow Damage
Game-Changing Ultimate AbilityNo Escape Mechanism

Amumu also has good crowd control abilities that make him an ideal champion for ganking other lanes. His Bandage Toss ability allows him to stun enemies and Curse of the Sad Mummy ultimate can lock down multiple enemies at once, which can be very helpful in team fights.

However, Amumu has a weak early game due to his lack of damage output and no escape mechanism making it difficult for him to fight against stronger champions.

Overall, Amumu is an ideal choice for beginner junglers due to his passive health regeneration and mana regeneration, good crowd control abilities, and powerful ultimate ability. Players should keep in mind though that he does have some weaknesses such as low damage output and no escape mechanism which should be taken into consideration when playing as Amumu.

Shyvana: The Half-Dragon

Shyvana is a half-dragon and a powerful jungler in League of Legends. She is an excellent champion for beginners, as she has a very straightforward playstyle and easy-to-understand mechanics. Her ultimate ability, Dragon’s Descent, allows her to transform into a dragon for increased movement speed, damage and crowd control.

This makes her incredibly potent in teamfights, allowing her to quickly move around the map and engage with opponents. Additionally, Shyvana’s kit includes several powerful abilities that allow her to clear jungle camps quickly and efficiently. Her Burnout ability grants her increased attack speed and movement speed when activated – perfect for chasing down enemies or escaping from dangerous situations.

Furthermore, Shyvana’s Twin Bite abilities deals significant physical damage on each strike while also resetting the cooldown on Burnout if it strikes an enemy champion twice. These factors make Shyvana an ideal pick for any beginner looking to explore the jungle role in League of Legends.

Her simple yet effective kit allows players to learn the fundamentals of jungling without feeling overwhelmed by complex mechanics or strategies.

Udyr: The Animal Spirit

Udyr is a champion in League of Legends that is considered one of the easiest and most beginner-friendly junglers. The champion’s kit is fairly simple, with its basic attacks and abilities providing great utility. Udyr’s passive, Tiger Stance, grants him bonus attack speed and movement speed after using an ability, making it easy to gank lanes or clear jungle camps quickly.

His Q ability, Tiger Strike, deals physical damage in an area around him when activated. His W ability, Turtle Stance, provides a shield while active that absorbs incoming damage. His E ability, Bear Stance, increases Udyr’s movement speed for a short duration when activated. Finally, his ultimate ability allows him to transform into different animal forms each time it is cast.

This provides an array of powerful defensive and offensive effects depending on the form chosen by the player. All these abilities combined make Udyr a great choice for beginners who are just starting out in the jungle role.

He provides them with great utility and survivability that makes it easy for them to learn how to play the role effectively without being overwhelmed by difficult mechanics or complex strategies needed by other champions in the role.

Xin Zhao: The Seneschal Of Demacia

Xin Zhao is a champion in League of Legends who is known as the Seneschal of Demacia, a powerful warrior and leader. He is one of the top five jungle champions for beginners who are just starting out in League of Legends. Xin Zhao has great abilities that make him highly effective in the jungle.

His passive, Determination, grants bonus armor and magic resist when he is near enemies or allies. His Q, Three Talon Strike, allows him to attack multiple targets at once while granting bonus attack speed upon activation. His W, Wind Becomes Lightning, grants bonus movement speed and gives him the ability to dash through walls. Lastly, his E, Audacious Charge, deals damage and slows enemies in an area around him.

Xin Zhao is also a highly mobile champion due to his ultimate ability Crescent Guard which creates a shield around him that damages enemies when they come into contact with it. This makes him very difficult to catch since he can move quickly from one place to another with ease.

Furthermore, his kit allows for great combo potential as he can easily chain together his abilities for maximum efficiency and damage output. In team fights he can be used to initiate with Audacious Charge or protect teammates by using Crescent Guard to block off damage from enemies.

Overall, Xin Zhao is an excellent choice for beginner players looking for a powerful but easy-to-learn jungler in League of Legends. His kit provides great versatility allowing players to adapt their playstyle depending on the situation while also providing good survivability with his passive and ultimate ability.

As such, Xin Zhao should definitely be considered when choosing a jungler champion as a beginner player in League of Legends.

Lee Sin: The Blind Monk

Lee Sin is a jungler champion from the game League of Legends. He is an Ionian master martial artist and former part of the Kinkou Order. His exceptional mobility, damage output and ability to initiate fights make him one of the most popular junglers for beginners.

Lee Sin’s abilities include Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike which deals physical damage and marks enemies. This allows players to keep track of their movement, making it easier for Lee Sin to engage in a fight or chase down his opponents.

His Tempest/Cripple is an area-of-effect skill that slows down enemies while dealing magic damage, providing Lee Sin with great waveclear potential when Jungling. His Safeguard/Iron Will allows him to dash to an ally or ward and also shields them both for a short duration.

Finally, Lee Sin’s ultimate Dragon’s Rage can knock back enemies in a line as well as deal physical damage.

Lee Sin is an easy-to-learn champion due to his straightforward kit and powerful abilities. His early game strength makes him highly favoured by beginners, who can easily get into fights with enemy champions or clear out camps quickly with his strong waveclear potential. As such, he is one of the top 5 jungle champions for beginners in League of Legends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Practice League Of Legends?

Practicing League of Legends can be difficult when first starting out. There are many different aspects to consider, such as strategies, champions, and more. It is important to find the best way to learn and improve in the game. This article will discuss the different ways one can practice and improve their League of Legends skills.

One of the most effective ways for beginners to practice League of Legends is through playing custom games with friends or learning from experienced players. Custom games are a great way for new players to get used to the basics of the game without facing real opponents.

Players can learn the basics, such as lane control and itemization, while playing custom games with friends or other experienced players. Additionally, they have an opportunity to ask questions and gain more knowledge from those who are already familiar with the game.

Another way for beginners to practice is by watching professional streamers play in tournaments or analyzing replays from professional matches. Watching professional streamers play allows viewers to gain insight into how experienced players approach each situation and make decisions in-game.

Analyzing replays from high-level matches also provides an opportunity for players to learn about teamfighting tactics, positioning, and strategies that can help them win games.

Learning about champion matchups is another crucial skill for those just starting out in League of Legends. Understanding which champions counter each other can help new players understand which champions should be picked during draft phase, as well as how to properly play against certain champions when laning against them in-game.

Additionally, it helps them comprehend which champions are strong in certain roles and what they need to do in order to maximize their potential during a game.

These are some of the best ways for beginners who want to practice League of Legends so that they can improve their overall skill level in the game quickly and efficiently. Through playing custom games with friends or learning from experienced players, watching professional streamers play in tournaments or analyzing replays from professional matches, and learning about champion matchups, new players can gain crucial knowledge that will help them become better at League of Legends over time.

What Runes Should I Use For Jungle Champions?

Runes are a vital part of customizing the playstyle of a character in League of Legends. Runes are an important factor to consider when selecting jungle champions, as they can make or break a champion’s success in the game. This article will discuss what runes should be used for beginner-level jungle champions in League of Legends.

To begin, it is essential to know that there are three different types of runes that can be used in League of Legends: primary path runes, secondary path runes, and adaptive force runes. Primary path runes offer bonuses for specific stats and abilities, such as increased attack speed or armor penetration.

Secondary path runes give bonuses based on the specific stats and abilities associated with each individual champion, and adaptive force runes provide bonuses that vary depending on the situation.

When choosing which type of rune to use for beginner-level jungle champions, it is important to consider the following factors:

  1. The champion’s playstyle
  2. The objectives they need to accomplish while jungling
  3. The type of build they are running
  4. Their overall goals within the game.

By taking these factors into account, players can choose the best combination of primary and secondary path runes that will enable them to maximize their effectiveness in their chosen role as a jungler.

Additionally, making use of adaptive force runes can help customize the kit even further by providing bonuses tailored specifically to their individual playstyle and goals within a match. Ultimately, careful consideration must be taken when selecting which type of rune is best suited for each particular champion and situation in order to maximize efficiency and success both in the jungle and beyond.

How Do I Counter Jungle?

Counter jungling is an important strategy for junglers in League of Legends. It involves invading the enemy’s jungle and stealing resources from them, such as camps, buffs, and scuttles. When successful, it can provide a significant advantage over the enemy team. This article will discuss how to counter jungle effectively.

In order to counter jungle successfully, it is important to know when and where to invade the enemy’s jungle. To do this, a jungler must be aware of when their opponent is likely to take camps and objectives in their own jungle.

Watching the minimap for these activities can give a jungler an idea of where they should invade and when they should leave the enemy’s jungle before being caught out by the enemy team. Knowing when to invade also requires knowledge of champion matchups; if your champion has a strong matchup against the enemy jungler, you may have more chances to successfully counter jungle them without being detected.

Finally, it is important to be aware of what you should do once you have invaded the enemy’s jungle. Taking camps or scuttles will provide gold and experience advantages for your team but it is also important to keep track of objectives like Herald or Dragon.

Knowing when these objectives spawn can help you decide whether or not it is worth invading the enemy’s jungle at that time if taking those objectives would give your team more of an advantage than taking camps or scuttles would.

Counter jungling can be a powerful tool for gaining advantages over your opponents in League of Legends; however, it requires knowledge of when and where to invade as well as what objectives are available at any given time. Understanding these aspects will help ensure successful counter jungling which can lead to victory in games.

What Items Should I Buy For Jungle Champions?

When it comes to jungle champions in League of Legends, many players are curious about what items they should buy. Items are a key factor in any game and especially in League of Legends where a wide variety of items exist for each champion.

It is important to consider the function of the item and how it will affect the champion’s performance in the jungle. Furthermore, there are specific items that are beneficial for junglers, as they provide additional utility or damage that can make an impact on the game.

In order to determine which items are best suited for junglers, it is necessary to understand the role of the jungler in League of Legends. Generally speaking, a jungler is responsible for clearing out camps quickly, ganking enemies when possible, and helping allies take objectives such as dragons or towers.

As such, certain items will be more suitable than others due to their effects on movement speed and damage output; these include items such as Statikk Shiv and Blade of the Ruined King. Additionally, some defensive options such as Bramble Vest or Warmog’s Armor may also be helpful depending on which champion is being played.

Choosing the right items is essential for any champion but especially so for jungle champions who must navigate through both enemy and allied territory effectively. Taking into account factors such as playstyle, team composition, and overall strategy can help players decide which items will give them an advantage over their opponents in League of Legends’ jungle environment.

Ultimately, having the knowledge necessary to select appropriate items can lead to more successful clears and ganks, thus leading to better results in-game.

Are There Any Tips To Improve My Last Hitting Skills?

Last hitting skills are a critical component of success in League of Legends. As such, it is important to understand how to improve these skills and maximize the effectiveness of one’s character. There are several tips that can help beginners improve their last hitting skills.

The first tip is to practice. The more time players spend practicing their last hitting skills, the better they will become at them over time. Additionally, players should pay attention to their opponent’s movements and attacks in order to be able to anticipate when they will move in for a last hit.

The more aware players are of their opponents’ movements, the easier it will be for them to anticipate and position themselves for successful last hits.

In addition, there are several tools available which can help players hone their last hitting skills. These include:

  • Training modes: Training mode allows players to practice against AI bots and provides helpful feedback on how well they are performing in terms of accuracy and timing with regards to last hits.
  • Guides: Players can access guides from experienced players which provide detailed advice on how best to approach last hitting in specific situations as well as general strategies for improving one’s overall performance.
  • Replays: Watching replays of games played by higher skilled players can be extremely helpful in understanding different techniques used by these professionals which can then be implemented into one’s own playstyle.
  • Coaching: Experienced coaches or mentors who have specialized knowledge on the game can provide personalized guidance on how best to improve one’s last hitting skills.

These tips, if followed correctly and consistently, can lead to a dramatic improvement in one’s ability when it comes to making successful last hits and dominating the game. Therefore, taking the time necessary to practice and properly utilize these tools is an invaluable investment towards becoming a better player overall.


The best way to practice League of Legends is to play the game. The selection of champions available in the jungle role is vast, but some are better suited for beginners than others. Five champions that are easy to learn and use are Amumu, Jarvan IV, Elise, Gragas, and Vi. Each of these champions has unique abilities, strategies and playstyles which can be learned easily with a few games.

Runes should be selected based on what champion you are playing and what type of enemy composition you will face during the game. Junglers need to have an understanding of how their runes interact with the enemy’s runes in order to maximize their own advantages. Counterjungling is also important as it can give your team an advantage over the enemy team by stealing resources from them.

Lastly, items should be chosen depending on the situation and champion being played. Items such as health regeneration items or tanky items should be taken if needed while damage dealing items should be taken when playing more offensive junglers. Last hitting skills can also be developed over time through practice and dedication which will result in improved performance overall.

In conclusion, playing jungle champions effectively requires knowledge about runes, counterjungling tactics and item builds as well as last hitting skills development in order to succeed in League of Legends games. For beginners looking to get into this role, Amumu, Jarvan IV, Elise, Gragas and Vi are excellent choices due to their ease of use compared to other more complex junglers in the game.

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