World of Warcraft has a wide selection of mounts that offer players the chance to explore Azeroth in style. From the majestic and powerful dragons to the cute and cuddly mechanostriders, there are many mounts that provide players with both aesthetic pleasure and practical benefits.

This article will examine the top 10 best and worst mounts in World of Warcraft. It will evaluate these mounts based on criteria such as design, functionality, speed, and convenience. Through this analysis, a definitive list of the best and worst mounts will be provided for readers to consider when deciding which mount is right for them.

Mounts have become an integral part of any World of Warcraft player’s experience. They can be used as a form of transportation or simply to make a statement about one’s character. Not all mounts are created equal though, with some offering more practical benefits than others.

With so many different types available it can be difficult to determine which mount is right for each individual player.

This article provides an overview of the best and worst mounts in World of Warcraft based on criteria such as design, functionality, speed, and convenience. By examining each mount individually it is possible to draw conclusions on which mounts provide players with the most benefit when exploring Azeroth.

Read on to learn more about each mount’s strengths and weaknesses so you can make an informed decision when selecting your personal mount!

Definition Of Mounts

Mounts in World of Warcraft (WoW) are ground and flying transport vehicles, available to players through various forms of in-game acquisition. These mounts can be categorized as either epic or regular; the former is rarer, faster and more expensive than the latter.

When a player rides a mount, it increases their movement speed and provides access to areas that they may not otherwise have access to due to environmental restrictions. The type of mount used can also influence other factors such as jump height and swimming capabilities.

In WoW, there are two ways for players to obtain mounts: by completing specific in-game tasks or by purchasing them with in-game currency. The most common way is through earning reputation points with certain factions; however, some mounts are exclusive rewards from quests or other activities.

Purchasing mounts with gold requires the use of either an auction house or trading between players. In addition, some special mounts can only be obtained from external sources such as official Blizzard promotions or third party retailers.

The variety of WoW mounts available ranges from common beasts that can be tamed by hunters, to magical creatures such as dragons and phoenixes. Depending on the type of mount used, it can improve the player’s mobility significantly; for instance, cloud serpents fly at higher speeds than regular ground mounts do.

Moreover, some models come with additional perks such as increased health regeneration or damage reduction when mounted.

Types Of Mounts

Mounts in World of Warcraft come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from land-based mounts to flying mounts. The most common type of mount is the four-legged ground mount which can be found in many different forms, such as horses, wolves and even dinosaurs. Flying mounts allow players to traverse the skies and reach locations that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Lastly, aquatic mounts enable players to explore the depths of Azeroth’s oceans with ease.

The diversity of World of Warcraft mounts allows for many different playstyles; some are faster than others or have unique abilities. Some mounts can also be used as battle companions and can assist players in combat by providing various buffs or attacking enemies.

Additionally, some mounts provide access to previously inaccessible areas such as dungeons or raids.

With so many options available, it is no surprise that there is a wide range of opinions on which mounts are best and worst in World of Warcraft. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference; some may prefer a more traditional horse mount while others may prefer something more exotic like a dragon or griffin. Ultimately, the choice is up to each individual player and what they feel fits their style best.

Ranking Criteria

When ranking the best and worst mounts in World of Warcraft, there are several criteria to consider.

Firstly, speed is an important factor. The faster a mount can travel, the more practical it is for a player’s needs.

Secondly, cost must be taken into account. Some mounts require significant amounts of resources or currency to obtain, while others are more readily available.

Thirdly, appearance is also a major factor. Many players prefer mounts with unique designs that stand out from the pack. Lastly, convenience should be considered when rating mounts. For example, certain flying mounts have special benefits for players who have access to them in specific zones of the game.

With these criteria in mind, it is possible to identify the most desirable and least desirable mounts in World of Warcraft. Each mount comes with its own unique advantages and drawbacks which should be weighed carefully before deciding on which one to use for game play.

Ground Mounts

Ground mounts in World of Warcraft have become an integral part of the game for players. They provide a reliable means of traversing the large world, as well as a unique way to customize one’s character. As such, there are many ground mounts that can be purchased or acquired through various methods.

Of these numerous ground mounts, some stand out as being exceptionally good or bad for players. Here are the top 10 best and worst ground mounts in World of Warcraft:

The best ground mount is undoubtedly the Winged Guardian, which is purchasable from vendors outside Stormwind and Orgrimmar. It has a base speed of 90% and can carry two passengers at once, making it perfect for those who want to travel quickly with friends.

The Wooly White Rhino is another excellent ground mount that can be acquired through Archaeology and has a base speed of 100%. It also has a 50% damage reduction while mounted, making it one of the best defensive options available.

At the other end of the spectrum are some less desirable ground mounts. The Sky Golem is one such example; it only has a base speed of 60%, making it significantly slower than most other mounts. Additionally, its special ability to collect herbs and ore is limited to certain areas in Pandaria, reducing its overall utility even further.

Another undesirable mount is the Mekgineer’s Chopper, which can only be crafted by Engineers with 600 skill level or higher; this makes it difficult to obtain for most players.

Overall, there are many great and not-so-great options when choosing a ground mount in World of Warcraft. Players should consider their own preferences when selecting one that best fits their playstyle and needs. Ultimately, finding the right one can make all the difference when exploring Azeroth’s vast landscape and completing quests with friends or guildmates.

Flying Mounts

In contrast to the numerous ground mounts, flying mounts in World of Warcraft offer greater mobility and increased access to areas otherwise not reachable. The flying mounts come in both normal and epic varieties, with the latter allowing for greater speed and maneuverability.

The top ten best flying mounts include the Ashes of Al’ar, Fathom Dweller, Pureblood Fire Hawk, Drake of the West Wind, Swift Nether Drake, Life-Binder’s Handmaiden, Flametalon of Alysrazor, Smoldering Ember Wyrm, Invincible and Quel’dorei Steed. These mounts are highly sought after due to their exceptional speed and appearance.

Conversely, there are also some flying mounts that have been deemed as inferior for various reasons. These include the Armored Blue Wind Rider, Green Proto-Drake, Dark Phoenix , Sandstone Drake , Ancient Gundrak Hatchling , Dark Riding Talbuk , Iron Skyreaver , Wooly White Rhino , Magic Rooster Egg and Grand Gryphon .

For example, the Magic Rooster Egg is considered one of the worst due to its low speed making it challenging to traverse long distances in a reasonable amount of time.

Overall, players must take into account various factors when selecting a mount such as speed capabilities and appearance before making an informed decision on their choice. With careful consideration given to these parameters, players can decide which type of mount best suits their needs.

Most Popular Mounts

In World of Warcraft, mounts are a popular way to travel quickly across the world. Many players dedicate hours to collecting and upgrading their mounts. The most popular mounts are often those with unique animations and looks that stand out among the others. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular mounts in World of Warcraft:

  • Ashes of Al’ar: This mount is obtained by completing a quest chain in The Burning Crusade expansion. It is one of the rarest mounts in the game and has an impressive Phoenix animation.
  • Swift Zulian Tiger: Players can purchase this mount from Zanza the Restless using Zandalarian coins. It has a sleek design and a swift running animation.
  • Vial of the Sands: This rare mount can be crafted by alchemists with special recipes acquired in Uldum or purchased from other players. Once crafted, it changes into a flying sandstone dragonhawk.
  • Invincible’s Reins: This mount is dropped by The Lich King during the raid encounter in Icecrown Citadel and has an animated death knight armor effect when moving around.

These four popular mounts are some of the most sought after ones due to their rarity or unique designs and animations that make them stand out from other common ones. Alongside these four, there are many other popular mounts that have cool designs such as Time-Lost Proto-Drake, Blazing Hippogryph, and Llothien Prowler for players to collect and enjoy riding on them as they explore Azeroth

Least Popular Mounts

Mounts in World of Warcraft are a popular way for players to move around quickly and get around the game’s large world. While some mounts are highly sought-after, others are not as desirable. The least popular mounts in World of Warcraft include: the X-51 Nether Rocket, the Core Hound Pup, the Mekgineer’s Chopper, the Flameward Hippogryph, the Big Battle Bear, the Tuskarr Kite, the Sky Golem, Ancient Frostsaber, Rivendare’s Deathcharger and Swift Windsteed.

The X-51 Nether Rocket is an engineering mount that requires level 300 Engineering and a schematic to craft. This mount has a low drop rate from various mobs. The Core Hound Pup is a rare reward from pet battles found in PvP zones. It is mostly considered unattractive due to its oversized head and small body size.

Mekgineer’s Chopper is an engineering mount that can be crafted with several components collected from dungeons throughout Azeroth. It has been met with criticism due to its bulky frame and slow speed.

The Flameward Hippogryph has been unpopular due to its awkward appearance as it consists of two separate parts that do not fit together well. Big Battle Bear requires a player to pick up tokens from battlegrounds which then can be exchanged for this mount but it often faces criticism due to its slow speed.

In summary, these ten mounts have been deemed least popular among players of World of Warcraft for various reasons including unattractiveness or technical issues like slow speed or low drop rates.

Best Speed, Cost And Utility Ratio

In terms of speed, cost and utility ratio, the following mounts are considered to be the best choices in World of Warcraft.

The first is the Swift Spectral Tiger, which provides a 310% ground speed and can be purchased with 1200 Timeless Coins or obtained through a raid drop.

Second is the Black War Bear, which provides a 280% ground speed and can be purchased with 100 gold or obtained through a quest reward.

Third is the White Polar Bear, which provides a 270% ground speed and can be purchased with 80 gold or obtained through an achievement reward.

Fourth is the Onyx Netherwing Drake, which provides a 310% flying speed and can be purchased with 4500 Netherwing reputation tokens or obtained through a quest reward. Finally, fifth is the Swift Zulian Tiger, which provides a 310% ground speed and can be purchased with 200 Zandalar Honor Tokens or obtained through an arena victory.

These five mounts provide excellent value for their cost in terms of both speed and convenience benefits. For example, all five provide at least 270% ground speeds which makes them one of the fastest ways to travel around Azeroth. Furthermore, these mounts are relatively easy to acquire compared to other mounts such as the Ashes of Al’ar mount from Tempest Keep or Invincible from Icecrown Citadel.

This makes them ideal for players who do not have time to farm rare bosses but still want access to some of the game’s most luxurious mounts. In addition, they are usually much cheaper than other prestigious mounts like Ashes of Al’ar or Invincible so they are more accessible even to players on tighter budgets.

All in all, these five mounts offer great value when considering both cost and utility benefits making them some of the best options available in World of Warcraft today.

Unique Abilities Of Certain Mounts

Mounts are an integral part of World of Warcraft, providing players with a means to traverse Azeroth in style. While some mounts are merely aesthetic, many come with unique abilities which can be useful in various situations.

This section will look at the most interesting and useful mounts available and their corresponding abilities.

Brown HorseIncreased riding speed when travelling on roads
GryphonIncreased flying speed compared to normal flight speed
MammothCan carry two passengers
Wind RiderAble to fly over water

The Brown Horse is one of the most common mounts available and is known for its increased riding speed when travelling on roads. For those looking for a more exciting mount, the Gryphon offers an impressive increase in flying speed compared to normal flight speeds.

In addition, the Mammoth mount can carry two passengers at once, making it ideal for group activities. Finally, the Wind Rider is capable of flying over water, allowing players to cross vast oceans quickly and easily.

These mounts offer a variety of unique abilities that make them desirable for different purposes. Whether its increased speed or double capacity, these mounts provide players with a number of advantages that cannot be found elsewhere in World of Warcraft.

How To Obtain A Mount

Mounts in World of Warcraft are special items that allow players to travel faster and from place to place in the game. Mounts can be acquired through various methods, including purchasing them from vendors, completing certain achievements, and earning them as rewards for specific quests. Additionally, mounts can be obtained using gold or through a subscription to WoW’s online store.

The most expensive and exclusive mounts are those that require the purchase of an item or service from the Blizzard Store. These mounts include ones such as the Celestial Steed and Swift Windsteed, which can only be purchased with real money. Other mounts that require a purchase are those obtained through promotions or events, such as BlizzCon-exclusive mount rewards.

Players may also obtain mounts through completing achievements within the game. Mounts earned this way usually come with special abilities or have unique appearances not seen on other mounts. For example, the Black War Mammoth is an achievement reward mount that gives its rider increased health regeneration for 15 minutes after each kill made while riding it.

Likewise, the Spectral Tiger mount is an achievement reward that comes with increased speed and agility when ridden by its owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Level Up A Mount?

Leveling up mounts in World of Warcraft is an important aspect for players. Mounts provide a means for players to traverse the game world quickly, and can also be used as a form of personal transport. As such, understanding how long it takes to level up a mount is essential to getting the most out of the game’s mounts.

The time needed to level up a mount depends on both the type of mount being leveled, and the player’s playtime. More powerful mounts require more time, with some taking dozens or even hundreds of hours to level up.

Player’s playtime also affects how quickly they can level up a mount: if they are able to devote larger amounts of time to playing, then they can progress more quickly than someone who only plays sporadically.

When leveling a mount, players need to factor in their own playstyle and availability when estimating how long it will take them. Players should look at their past experience with similar mounts when making their estimation, as well as consider any additional resources that may be available that could speed up the process.

Additionally, certain methods such as ‘power-leveling’ have been developed to reduce time spent leveling specific mounts; however these methods come with associated risks and should be thoroughly researched before attempting them.

Are Mounts Available To All Players?

Mounts are a popular feature in the world of online gaming, particularly within the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft. The acquisition and use of mounts is a common pursuit for players who wish to move around the game’s world faster or with greater ease.

This raises the question of whether mounts are available to all players.

Mounts are obtained through various means in World of Warcraft, such as purchasing them from vendors, earning them as rewards for completing quests, or obtaining them through special promotions and events. They can also be found in loot drops from enemies or bosses. However, not all players have access to these methods of obtaining mounts.

For example, those who play on free servers may not be able to purchase mounts from vendors or participate in promotions or events that grant them.

Despite this lack of access to some sources of mounts, there are still other ways for players to obtain them. Players may purchase mounts directly from other players using in-game currency or services such as auction houses and websites dedicated to trading items between players.

Players may also trade their own items with others in exchange for mounts they do not yet possess. With enough effort and dedication, any player can eventually acquire a mount regardless of what type of server they play on.

In summary, while some methods used to acquire mounts may not be available to all players due to server restrictions or cost limitations, there are still other avenues which make it possible for any player to obtain a mount if they so desire.

Can Mounts Be Traded Between Players?

Mounts are a popular feature in World of Warcraft, allowing players to traverse the game’s vast world quickly and easily. As such, many players are interested in the possibility of trading mounts between characters. To answer this question, it is important to first look at the types of mounts available within the game.

Mounts can be acquired through a variety of means. The most common form of mount acquisition is through purchasing with in-game gold or real-world money. Players can also receive mounts as rewards for completing certain tasks or achievements. In addition, mounts may be obtained by successfully completing raids or dungeons, as well as through crafting and farming for rare drops from mobs or bosses.

However, despite the various ways to acquire mounts, not all of them can be traded between players. Blizzard Entertainment has implemented restrictions on which mounts are able to be traded and which must remain bound to a single character or account. These restrictions are designed to limit potential exploitation and ensure balance in the game’s economy.

Ultimately, while some mounts may be traded between players, many will remain bound to their original character or account due to Blizzard Entertainment’s restrictions on tradeable items within World of Warcraft.

Does A Mount’S Speed Depend On The Level Of The Player?

In World of Warcraft, mounts are universally used to traverse the game’s world. This raises the question: Does a mount’s speed depend on the level of the player? To answer this question, one must look at several factors including how players acquire mounts and the type of mount being used.

The first factor is how players acquire mounts. Players can purchase mounts through microtransactions or earn them as rewards for completing in-game activities. Additionally, mounts can be traded between players. These methods all play a role in determining what type of mount a player has access to and the level at which they are able to use it.

The second factor is the type of mount being used. Different types of mounts have varying levels of speed and some require certain levels before they can be ridden. For example, some ground mounts allow players to reach their destination faster than walking but may require a certain level before they can be used.

Flying mounts, on the other hand, require that both the player and mount meet specific level requirements before they can be used.

Therefore, a mount’s speed does indeed depend on the level of the player in World of Warcraft as different types of mounts require different levels before they can be ridden or flown. Additionally, depending on how players acquire their mount, this could also affect what type and level they can use it at.

Are Mounts Affected By Weather?

Mounts are an important feature in the world of World of Warcraft. They provide a way for characters to travel faster, and can be used to explore the vastness of this virtual world. However, one may wonder if mounts are affected by weather conditions, or if they remain unaffected by these changes.

This article will discuss whether mounts are indeed affected by weather, and how it might affect their performance in the game.

To begin with, it is important to consider how weather affects other aspects of the game. Weather in World of Warcraft can have an impact on visibility, movement speed and even character stats. This suggests that mounts might also be susceptible to the effects of weather conditions.

Furthermore, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that some mount speeds are adjusted depending on the environment players find themselves in. For example, certain mounts move at reduced speeds when traveling through water or snow-covered areas.

Additionally, some flying mounts can be grounded due to storms or windy conditions, reducing their ability to traverse long distances quickly.

  • Mount speeds may be reduced when travelling through water or snow-covered areas
  • Flying mounts may become grounded due to storms or windy conditions
  • Certain mounts may suffer penalties due to heavy rain
  • Visibility can also affect mount speed depending on the type of terrain

In summary, it appears that weather does indeed have an impact on mount performance in World of Warcraft; this could range from reduced speeds while travelling through certain environments, to being grounded during inclement weather conditions such as storms and strong winds.

Players should take into account these potential impacts before relying too heavily on their trusty steeds when exploring Azeroth’s many realms and terrains.


Mounts are a popular feature of the World of Warcraft game, providing players with an efficient and enjoyable way to traverse the world. Although many mounts can be obtained quickly and easily, some require significant effort and dedication to level up.

Furthermore, mounts come in a variety of forms and speeds, with some being more beneficial than others.

To make informed decisions about which mounts to use, it is important to consider the time required to obtain them, how they are acquired by players, whether they can be traded between players, their speed relative to the player’s level, and if weather affects their performance.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual player to determine which mount best suits their needs based on these factors.

In conclusion, there are both top 10 best and worst mounts in World of Warcraft that can provide great benefits or drawbacks depending on the situation. Players must assess the amount of time needed for acquisition as well as its availability status in order to decide which mount is most advantageous for them.

Additionally, its performance may differ based on various features such as speed in relation to player level or changes in weather conditions. By understanding these characteristics fully before selecting a mount, players can maximize their enjoyment while playing this popular game.

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