Player Unknown’s Battle grounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular video games in the world. It has captured the attention of millions of players and spectators alike.

Despite its popularity, PUBG is a difficult game that requires skill and strategy to master.

This article will provide an overview of PUBG strategies and tactics for winning at PUBG.

The first aspect to consider when playing PUBG is to understand the terrain and map layout. Players must be familiar with the mechanics of each map, such as which areas are more likely to contain resources, where enemies may hide, and how to navigate through different environments.

Knowing this information can help players identify potential opportunities for victory.

The second factor to consider when playing PUBG is weapons selection and usage. Different weapons have different advantages in different situations, so it is important to think carefully about which weapon will be most effective in any given situation.

Additionally, players should make sure they use their weapons efficiently by reloading when necessary and taking cover whenever possible. These tactics can help players survive longer and increase their chances of victory.

Understanding The Map

An important factor to consider when attempting to win at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is knowledge of the game’s map. It is essential for players to become familiar with the layout, size, and terrain of the map in order to make informed decisions during a match.

This includes understanding the locations of resources such as weapons and armor as well as taking note of chokepoints. Additionally, mastering map control can be used to gain an advantage over opponents.

Players should also be aware of what areas are likely to be populated by enemy players and plan accordingly. Furthermore, it is beneficial for players to practice navigating potential routes in order to maximize their speed and efficiency.

Taking shortcuts can also help players reach objectives quickly and outmaneuver opponents. Knowing where popular landing spots are located can help avoid being caught off-guard by other teams after parachuting in at the start of a match.

Overall, knowledge of PUBG’s map is essential if one wishes to succeed in the game. Being able to identify strategic positions, efficient routes, and resource locations can give one a major advantage over their opponents and increase their chances of winning a match. A thorough familiarity with the map will ultimately provide significant benefits when attempting to win at PUBG.

Knowing When To Engage

Engaging with opponents in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) can be a difficult task. Knowing when to engage is key to success and requires both understanding of the game as well as skill. It involves predicting where enemies are located, assessing the risk of engaging, and making quick decisions based on the information available.

Making an informed decision on when to engage requires preparation and an understanding of the game environment. Players should have a good grasp of the map’s layout and geographical features, in order to predict enemy movements. Additionally, they should monitor their surroundings carefully while moving around the map.

This will help them identify opportunities for engagement. To succeed at PUBG, players must also be aware of their own capabilities: what weapons they possess; how much health or armor they have; how many allies are nearby; and any items that may provide an advantage.

In order to increase chances for success during engagements, players must learn how to execute effective strategies such as:

•\tUtilizing cover and concealment effectively

•\tUsing terrain features to their advantage

•\tAnticipating enemy movements

•\tEmploying smoke screens for distraction or evasion

Being able to recognize these situations quickly and accurately can give players a distinct advantage over their adversaries. Additionally, they must be prepared to make tactical decisions quickly while under pressure, often requiring split-second reactions which could mean the difference between victory or defeat. All these factors contribute towards knowing when is best to engage opponents in battle in PUBG.

Choosing The Right Weapons

Choosing the right weapons is an essential part of success in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various firearms available, in order to make a decision about which type of weapon is best for each situation. The following tips can be helpful when selecting weapons for use in PUBG:

First, it is important to choose weapons that match your playing style. For example, if you prefer a more aggressive approach, then assault rifles and submachine guns may be your best options. On the other hand, if you are more methodical and prefer to play cautiously, then sniper rifles or shotguns may be the better choice.

Second, consider how many players you typically face in each match. If there are usually six or fewer opponents, then longer range weapons such as assault rifles or snipers can offer an advantage.

However, if there are often more than six players on the battlefield at once, then smaller caliber weapons such as submachine guns can provide greater mobility and quicker engagement times.

Thirdly, pay attention to recoil levels when choosing weapons. Recoil affects accuracy and should be taken into account when selecting a firearm that matches your skill level. A few key points include: higher caliber guns have higher recoil; automatic fire has higher recoil than semi-automatic; and some attachments can reduce recoil on certain firearms.

Understanding these factors will help ensure that you select the most effective weapon for each situation in PUBG. Making informed choices about which firearms to use will give you an edge over opponents who do not take these considerations into account – leading to increased odds of success on the virtual battlefield!

Utilizing Cover And Concealment

The use of cover and concealment is an integral part of winning at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Cover and concealment can provide a great advantage to players as they navigate the battlefield.

This strategy involves identifying points of protection, such as buildings or natural objects that are large enough to hide behind. It also encompasses staying hidden from opponents by remaining still and avoiding detection.

When utilizing cover and concealment, it is important for players to consider the following steps:

•\tAssess available areas for protection

•\tAnalyze potential risks associated with chosen location

•\tBe aware of enemy movements

•\tKeep track of changes in terrain

Players must ensure that their chosen area offers adequate protection from enemy fire and offers a good vantage point from which to assess the situation. Additionally, players should be mindful of any potential risks associated with their position, such as flanking routes or nearby enemies.

To stay ahead of the competition, they must remain vigilant and alert to any changes on the battlefield, such as troops moving in unexpected directions or terrain modifications. By staying up-to-date on these elements, players can maximize their chances of success while playing PUBG.

In order to survive in PUBG and come out victorious, proper utilization of cover and concealment is essential. Identifying strategic locations for cover provides an advantage over other players who lack this knowledge. Being aware of enemy movements and being cognizant of any changes in terrain allows players to stay one step ahead throughout the game. Through these tactics, competitors can improve their chances for success when playing PUBG.

Making Use Of Vehicles

Making use of vehicles is an important strategy for victory in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Vehicles provide a number of advantages for players, such as:

•Increased mobility

•Protection from enemy fire

•Cover when engaging enemies

•An element of surprise when ambushing opponents

•A way to quickly escape from danger

The use of vehicles in PUBG can be advantageous, as they allow players to move around the map quickly and, if used correctly, protect them from enemy fire. Additionally, vehicles can provide cover when engaging enemies and offer an element of surprise when ambushing opponents. Finally, vehicles provide an efficient way to escape dangerous situations that put the player at risk.

Players should keep in mind that vehicles are loud and can draw attention from other players. When driving a vehicle, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and take caution to avoid being detected.

Players should also plan ahead and practice driving skills so they can maneuver efficiently on the battlefield. Furthermore, understanding the terrain of each map will help players make better decisions regarding which routes to take in order to reach their destination safely and quickly.

When utilized effectively, vehicles can give players an edge over their opponents and increase their chances for survival or even achieving a Victory Royale!

Staying In The Safe Zone

Staying in the safe zone is a critical tactic for winning at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Safe zones are constantly shrinking, so players must pay close attention to where they are and where the circle is moving.

Players who manage to stay ahead of the circle maintain an advantage over those still outside the safe zone. It is also beneficial to use vehicles when travelling to the safe zone, as this can save time and energy.

To ensure best results, players should consider the following strategies:

• Establish a plan before entering the game by considering where they want to land and how they will get to the safe zone.

• Monitor their position relative to the circle; if they find themselves becoming increasingly distant, they should adjust their strategy accordingly.

• Take advantage of vehicles when possible; this could mean using them for transportation or as cover from enemy fire.

• Utilize nearby structures for protection or as vantage points. Taking a position on high ground may provide visibility of enemies approaching from different angles.

These strategies can be combined with other tactics such as looting, scavenging supplies and choosing ideal weapons in order to create an effective approach that maximizes chances of victory in PUBG games. Taking into account all elements while playing increases one’s ability to navigate through each game successfully and emerge victorious.

Crafting A Winning Strategy

Crafting a winning strategy in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) requires both skill and strategic planning. It is important to understand the game mechanics, such as map navigation and weapon selection, as well as how to properly position oneself on the battlefield.

Having knowledge of the map layout, where enemies are likely to appear, and when the safe zone will contract can provide an edge over opponents. In addition, learning tactics such as taking cover behind natural or man-made structures while engaged in combat is also essential.

A key factor in crafting a winning strategy is understanding when to fight or flee. Knowing when to engage an enemy or withdraw can be a difficult decision that requires quick thinking and reflexes.

Additionally, it is important for players to take into account their own health status and weapon loadout before engaging in battle with other players. By assessing one’s position relative to other players, players can determine whether they should fight or retreat from a given situation.

It is also critical for players to be aware of their surroundings at all times. When traversing the map it is important to move cautiously and use sound judgment when confronting enemies or attempting to loot supply drops.

Having an awareness of one’s environment gives players an advantage over those who are unaware of their surroundings or may not have access to information about what lies ahead. By staying alert and utilizing the aforementioned strategies, PUBG players can gain an edge over their opponents and increase their chances of victory.

Deploying Parachutes Effectively

Deploying parachutes effectively is a key part of a winning strategy in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Through mastering this technique, players can gain an advantage over their opponents and utilize the game’s terrain to their advantage.

Firstly, players need to plan their drop carefully from the aircraft. This involves weighing up potential landing spots, assessing the level of risk associated with each one, and deciding which area will give the player the maximum chance of success. It is also important to be aware of where other players are likely to land, as it can be easy to become surrounded by enemies if one lands in an overly populated area.

Secondly, when jumping out of the aircraft it is important for players to deploy their parachute as quickly as possible. This will give them the most control over where they are headed and what type of ground they will hit upon landing.

By utilizing obstacles such as trees or buildings as points of reference, players can use these landmarks to more accurately direct themselves towards their chosen landing spot. Additionally, being able to precisely control speed and direction using parachute movement techniques can help maximize distance covered in a short amount of time.

Lastly, timing is essential when dropping out of the plane; waiting too long could result in missing out on valuable loot or supplies found on-ground at popular locations. It is also important for players to always keep an eye on where other competitors are heading so that they do not accidentally fly into enemy territory or towards heavily populated areas. Here are some tips for deploying parachutes effectively:

1) Plan your drop carefully ahead of time

2) Deploy your parachute promptly

3) Monitor other players’ movements while you jump 4) Make sure to use the appropriate chute for the terrain and wind conditions.

Utilizing Loot Drops

The utilization of loot drops is an important strategy in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Loot drops, or airdrops, are packages that are delivered to the player’s location via an airplane. These packages contain important items such as weapons, armor, attachments and medical supplies. A successful PUBG player should prioritize using these loot drops to gain an advantage over opponents.

To maximize the effectiveness of loot drops, it is essential to understand the following:

* The rate at which loot drops are delivered

* Where loot drops tend to land

* How to reach them quickly and safely

* Strategies for looting from other players

Loot drops are delivered at regular intervals throughout the match and can be tracked by listening for the soundtrack created by the airplane delivering them. Knowing where loot drops land is also helpful as they typically occur in populated areas with high density of other players.

To make best use of this situation, it is necessary to find a way to reach them quickly and safely while minimizing the chances of being killed by adversaries en route. Additionally, it is possible to steal loot from other players by killing them before they can pick up their items. This requires good timing and positioning but can be very rewarding if done correctly.

It is important for PUBG players to understand how they can take advantage of loot drops if they want to improve their overall performance in-game.

Understanding the rate at which they arrive, where they typically land, how to reach them quickly and safely, as well as strategies for stealing from other players all help give a player an edge over their opponents. By mastering these techniques, a player can increase their chances of succeeding in PUBG matches.

Landing In High Loot Areas

When playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), it is essential to consider where to land in order to obtain the best loot. Knowing which areas contain the most valuable weapons and items can give players a competitive advantage. High loot areas, such as military bases, cities, and industrial complexes, are some of the richest locations for loot drops.

These areas typically contain weapons that are superior to those found in lower loot areas. For instance, military bases often have assault rifles, while cities tend to have both sniper rifles and long-range guns.

Industrial complexes will often have high-tier gear such as body armor and backpacks with more inventory slots than normal. Additionally, these high loot areas often contain vehicles that can be used for transportation or cover from enemy fire.

Therefore, landing in high loot areas is an important part of PUBG strategy that should not be overlooked by players who want an edge over their opponents. By learning which locations have the best loot drops, players will be able to increase their chances of survival and success in the game.

Staying Away From Enemy Fire

In order to improve your chances of winning in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), it is essential to stay away from enemy fire. The game environment is highly competitive, and there are many ways that players can be eliminated. A player can get shot, stabbed, or run over by vehicles. All of these situations can cause a player to die and lose the game.

To avoid being eliminated by enemy fire, players should make use of their surroundings as much as possible. Players should hide behind objects like trees, buildings, and rocks to prevent themselves from getting shot. It is also important to use cover while moving around the area so that they are less likely to be seen by their opponents.

Additionally, players should keep an eye out for enemies who might be hiding in bushes or other areas and shoot them before they can attack you.

Finally, when engaging in combat with an opponent, it is important for the player to act quickly and accurately in order to eliminate the enemy without taking too much damage themselves. This requires a lot of practice and understanding of the game’s mechanics.

It is also important for the player to have good situational awareness so that they know where their enemies are located at all times. Through these strategies and tactics, a player can improve their chances of surviving enemy fire and ultimately winning in PUBG.

Communicating With Teammates

Communicating with teammates is often an integral part of winning in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Effective teamwork and communication can provide a tremendous advantage, allowing opponents to be defeated more easily.

Furthermore, it can help players deal with the ever-changing environment of the game. In order to maximize the effectiveness of their communications, there are several strategies that players should consider.

One such strategy is for players to make sure all members of the team are aware of each other’s positions throughout the game. This will enable everyone to coordinate better when performing tasks such as scouting or attacking enemies.

In addition, being aware of one another’s location makes it easier for teammates to provide assistance if needed. It also allows them to adjust their plans quickly if they find themselves in a difficult situation.

Another important strategy is for players to keep track of their ammo levels and health during battle. This ensures that they always have enough resources and that they can heal each other when necessary.

Additionally, communicating any changes in position or tactics can help ensure everyone is working together efficiently and effectively towards victory.

By utilizing these strategies, teams will be able to maximize their chances of success in PUBG. Through effective communication and coordination, teams can gain a huge advantage over their opponents and increase their chances at emerging victorious from each match.

Joining Squads And Clans

Squads and clans are key components of winning at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Joining a squad or clan provides players with several advantages. Firstly, forming a team can increase the number of players available for an organized attack on opposing teams.

This increases the chance of success in any given match. Secondly, members of a squad or clan can communicate more effectively during gameplay, making it easier to coordinate strategies, share resources, and keep track of enemy movements.

Finally, being part of a larger group can provide moral support and camaraderie which can be essential for maintaining focus and sustaining morale in long gaming sessions.

The process for joining squads and clans varies by platform. In most cases, existing squads will have recruitment policies that players will need to adhere to before they are accepted into the group.

These policies may include requirements such as having a certain level or rank within the game, completing specific tasks or challenges, or participating in specific activities such as scrimmages or practice matches.

Additionally, some squads may have additional requirements such as age restrictions or requiring members to use particular communication platforms like Discord or TeamSpeak.

It is important for any prospective member to become familiar with the particular rules and regulations of their chosen squad before joining so that there are no surprises once membership is granted.

Additionally, it’s important for players to recognize that even if they do not join a large established squad or clan there may still be opportunities to find like-minded teammates who are willing to work together towards common objectives within the game.

Ultimately, having access to experienced players who understand how PUBG works and how best to approach each situation is invaluable in improving one’s chances of success in this battle royale-style shooter.

Taking Advantage Of Kill Zones

Kill zones are areas of the map where players are more likely to encounter other players, thus creating the opportunity to engage in combat. It is important for players to be aware of these areas and take advantage of them when possible. Understanding kill zones can help a player increase their kills and gain an edge over opponents.

The most common type of kill zone is based on terrain features such as hills, buildings, or rivers. These features provide cover from enemy fire while also allowing players to spot enemies at long range.

Players should stay within these zones as much as possible since they offer a strategic advantage in combat. Additionally, they should look out for choke points that give them access to multiple directions and watch out for flanking opportunities provided by nearby buildings or other landmarks.

Players should also be aware of loot zones which are areas where better quality items can be found such as guns, armor, or healing items. By taking advantage of kill zones and loot zones, players can gain an advantage over their opponents and increase their likelihood of winning a match. Knowing how to use these two types of zones is essential for mastering the game.

Keeping Your Cool Under Pressure

The ability to keep one’s cool under pressure is a critical skill for success in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). When playing, there are many different strategies and tactics that can be implemented. This article will focus on the importance of being able to remain calm during high-pressure situations.

In order to keep one’s composure, it is important to be aware of one’s mental state and the environment around them. Players should strive to remain focused on the task at hand and not get overwhelmed by the chaos and violence in the game.

Taking regular breaks from intense gaming sessions and engaging in calming activities such as yoga or meditation can help players stay relaxed and in control.

It is also important to practice deep breathing techniques which can help calm nerves and reduce stress levels. Additionally, players should be mindful of their language when playing PUBG; using overly aggressive or disrespectful language towards other players can lead to further tension.

Finally, having a clear plan of action is essential when playing PUBG. Having a strategy mapped out before entering into a match allows players to react quickly and calmly when faced with an unexpected situation or challenge. Planning ahead can also give players an edge by providing extra time for decision-making, enabling them to make better choices in critical moments during play.

Being organized and prepared can go a long way towards helping players maintain their composure under pressure. With these tips, players can develop the skills required to manage their emotions while playing PUBG effectively and successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Join A Squad Or Clan?

Joining a squad or clan in the popular video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) can offer players a number of advantages. When playing with a squad, players can work together to achieve common goals and develop strategies which are more effective than when playing alone.

Moreover, squads have access to voice chat which helps communication and coordination between members. This article will discuss how to join a squad or clan in PUBG.

One way to join a squad is by finding one online through social media platforms like Discord, Reddit, or Twitter. Through these platforms, players can post about joining or forming squads for the purpose of competing in tournaments or simply to play together for fun.

Squads created on these platforms often have specific rules and regulations that must be followed such as age restrictions, skill level requirements, and other specified rules.

Another way to join a squad is by attending gaming events or tournaments where squads are formed prior to the event. These events provide an opportunity for players who may not have access to social media platforms to find other players and join forces with them.

Furthermore, some events offer special rewards for participating teams while others may offer cash prizes depending on rank achieved during gameplay.

In order to maximize their chances of success in PUBG, gamers should look into joining either an online platform based squad or an event based team before beginning the game.

Doing so will give players access to resources such as voice chat which can help improve communication between team members and allow them to develop strategies which are more effective than if they were playing alone.

What Are The Best Weapons To Use In PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, has become one of the most popular battle royales in recent years. Selecting the right weapons is essential to success in this game. It is important to consider various factors when deciding which weapons to use, including damage output, accuracy and range.

When it comes to long-range combat, rifles are the best choice for most players. Assault rifles such as the M16A4 and AKM have high damage output and accuracy at long distances, while sniper rifles like the Kar98K can eliminate enemies with a single shot.

For mid-range combat situations, SMGs such as the UMP9 can be effective due to their fast fire rate and good accuracy. In close quarters battles, shotguns like the S1897 are extremely powerful and often more reliable than assault rifles or SMGs.

A player’s inventory should also include a variety of throwables such as grenades and smoke grenades for crowd control purposes. It is also important to carry a handgun or pistol around since they do not take up much space yet can be useful in many situations. A pan can even be used as an effective defensive tool against enemy bullets if wielded correctly.

Overall, selecting the right weapons for each situation is key for achieving success in PUBG. Players should consider factors like damage output, accuracy and range when choosing weapons as well as having a variety of throwables and handguns in their inventory at all times. Being aware of these details can give players an edge over their opponents on the battlefield.

Where Are The Best Places To Land For High Loot Areas?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a battle royale game that pits players against each other in an intense fight for survival. Knowing the best places to land is essential for any player looking to gain an early advantage in the match and increase their chances of winning.

Looting is an important part of PUBG, as it allows players to equip themselves with weapons and other items needed for combat. High-loot areas are usually located in urban or industrial areas, such as cities, factories, military bases, and airfields. These locations offer a wide variety of weapons and gear that can be used to defeat enemies and stay alive longer.

When choosing a landing spot, it is important to consider the risk versus reward factor. Landing in high-loot areas gives you the chance to obtain powerful weapons quickly but also puts you at greater risk of encountering enemies who may have already looted these areas.

It is important to assess your situation carefully before deciding where to land. To maximize your chances of success in PUBG, focusing on finding high-loot areas and avoiding direct conflict with other players will help give you an edge over the competition.

What Is The Best Way To Use A Parachute?

Parachutes are an essential part of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) experience. When playing, combatants must choose the most advantageous way to deploy their parachute in order to maximize loot and increase the chances of winning. This article will examine the best way to use a parachute when playing PUBG.

The first step in using a parachute effectively is to pick a landing spot that has high concentrations of loot. The ideal location should offer players access to weapons, armor, and other items they can use during the game.

It is also important to note that higher elevation areas usually have more valuable loot. Therefore, it is best to land on roofs or mountain tops when possible.

Once an optimal landing spot is determined, it is time to begin parachuting into the area. A key strategy for successful parachuting involves minimizing exposure while gliding towards the ground.

Players should maintain a low profile by keeping their body close together and minimize movement while in mid-air. Keeping a low profile reduces your chances of being spotted by other players who may be circling above or on nearby buildings.

Additionally, deploying your parachute at a lower altitude allows for faster descent which gives you less time for opponents to spot you as you are coming down from above. By taking these precautions and following this strategy, players can successfully land in high loot areas with minimal exposure and increased chances of winning the game.

To ensure success during PUBG gameplay, it is important to master using parachutes effectively by identifying ideal landing spots and utilizing proper gliding techniques for maximum benefit.

With these strategies in mind, players can increase their chances of winning by having an advantage over opponents during aerial combat scenarios and obtaining better loot than others who are parachuting into the same area at the same time.

How Can I Effectively Communicate With My Teammates?

Communication between teammates is an important factor in achieving victory in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Effective communication can provide a tactical advantage that allows players to outwit their opponents, or coordinate simultaneous attacks.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of team communication, there are certain strategies and tactics that should be employed.

First, players must ensure they are aware of the current situation on the map. This includes the locations of all teammates and any enemies, as well as any environmental hazards. Having real-time updates on these factors can help teams make informed decisions about how to approach objectives and ambushes.

Additionally, it is important for players to provide each other with concise instructions that can be easily understood. Keeping messages short and clear will enable teams to quickly react to changing circumstances while also preventing confusion or miscommunication.

Finally, it is essential for teams to practice communication regularly in order to stay synchronized during matches.

Establishing effective communication protocols such as callouts or team specific lingo helps keep everyone on the same page when coordinating strategies or reacting to unexpected events. Regularly rehearsing these protocols will help maintain smooth coordination throughout a match.

In summary, effective communication between teammates is key for success in PUBG matches. It is important for teams to remain informed about their surroundings and provide concise instructions when making strategic decisions. Additionally, establishing and regularly practicing communication protocols will help ensure smooth coordination during matches.


The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) video game has become an immensely popular pastime globally. To become successful at PUBG requires a combination of strategies and tactics, as well as knowledge of the best weapons, landing locations, parachute techniques, and team communication.

This article explored how players can join squads or clans, the best weapons to use in the game, where to land for high loot areas, how to use a parachute effectively, and effective communication with teammates.

By taking the time to learn about these tips and strategies from this article, players can develop their own unique strategies for success in PUBG. Knowing the best weapons and where to find them is essential for success; however, it is equally important to know how to coordinate with other players on the battlefield.

Players who are able to communicate effectively will be better able to make decisions quickly and stay ahead of their opponents. Additionally, understanding parachute techniques can help players get ahead of their opponents by being able to land in high loot areas before anyone else.

In conclusion, playing PUBG successfully requires knowledge of multiple aspects such as squad or clan participation, weapon selection and usage, landing locations for high loot areas, parachute techniques and team communication.

By following these tips from this article players can increase their chances at becoming a successful player in PUBG by optimizing their skillset and increasing their odds of survival on the battlefield.