Welcome to my guide on how to swim up in Grand Theft Auto V; keep in mind that this article also works for Grand Theft Auto Online, GTA 5. This tutorial will assist you whether you play in third-person or first-person mode.

Do you want to know how to swim in GTA 5? This is the manual for you.

Since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the majority of protagonists have been able to avoid drowning in bodies of water, something that eluded the genius criminals Claude Speed and Tommy Vercetti.

Franklin, Trevor, and Michael, the three major characters, are all at ease in environments ranging from hot tubs to the Atlantic Ocean, and the Online Protagonist is no exception.

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How to Swim Up in GTA 5

Step 1

Locate a body of water that is deep enough to allow you to swim beneath it. For the time being, I’ll be using the Land Act Reservoir to demonstrate this strategy, but bear in mind that it works for anybody of water deep enough to dive down.

Step 2

Next, dive into the sea (SPACE on keyboard/RB on Xbox controller); it doesn’t matter how far you go since once you learn how to swim up, you’ll be at the surface in no time.

Step 3

Now that you’re underwater, simply point your camera in the direction you want to travel, which in this case is to the water’s surface.

Step 4

Finally, you just swim by holding SHIFT (on the keyboard) or holding/tapping A. (with Xbox controller).


You should no longer be afraid of the ocean in GTA 5 or Online now that you know how to swim up in GTA 5.

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