How to Remake in Valorant

Valorant has a lot of useful commands for people who are in bad situations. Remake in Valorant is one of the most important commands in the game when you are having trouble with a game. The Remake option can be used by anyone to come out of a match with a draw, no added or subtracted RR in Compe, or XP in Unrated if at least one player in their team is AFK (Away from Keyboard). Valorant Remake option is talked about in a long article that talks about how to use it, when to use it, how to do it, and more.

Remake in Valorant

Anyone on the team can make a new match in Valorant if one of the players on the team goes offline at any point during a match. This means that the match will end in a draw with no results. A “remake call” in Valorant lets the game check to see if any players in Valorant are AFK and, if so, let all connected players on the team vote to make the match again through a voting system. If the vote is positive, the match is automatically closed in a Draw.

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How Does Remake Work In Valorant?

Players need to follow the next set of steps in order to start over with a match.

  1. Take a look at the chatbox in the bottom-left corner.
  2. In the chatbox, type: /remake.
  3. As long as you vote, the vote will automatically be in your favor.
  4. If not, press F5 to vote “yes.”
  5. The match will be remake in Valorant

People who play the game should keep in mind that they must all vote YES in order for the voting to work. Second round: Voting for a remake only lasts as long as the buy phase is in the second round. If the vote isn’t passed or skipped, the option to vote for a remake ends. If another player is AFK for a short time, you can keep playing the game. You can also choose to play a 4v5 or something else.

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