It’s a pity for gamers who haven’t experienced the GTA 5 gaming world, where you may get lost in time for a few hours and forget about the regulations.

Discover new places, steal a bank, locate various autos, and soar through the heavens with a parachute are just a few of the options available in this world.

This tutorial will teach you how to open a parachute in GTA 5 PC and how to use a parachute in GTA 5 PC if you need to.

What you’ll need and how to use a parachute in GTA 5

Welcome to My Gaming Guruji‘s latest GTA 5 article. This time, we’ll go over how the parachute unfolds in this open-world game. Well, it is really simple to accomplish, but you must consider certain factors that we will discuss later, and there is nothing to worry about since it is quite simple and you will be an expert at it in a matter of seconds.

With nothing more to say, let’s get to the bottom of this problem/question:

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GTA 5 PC: How to Use a Parachute

GTA 5 has gained popularity owing to its open world, which is full of various locations, not to mention the history behind them and the variety of transportation.

Many players want to leap from the highest point, but first, you must purchase a parachute from the store and learn how to open a parachute in GTA 5 PC. When playing in online mode, you can only purchase items through the internet shop.

Go to the highest peak you can reach. Make a jump with the building/airplane, and if the height is sufficient, your character will spread his arms.

The regular parachute will open when you click the F button; to activate it, press the W, A, S, and D keys.
You can alter the color of your parachute at the store for a few thousand dollars, and you can launch a smoke trail for a few hundred extras. You now know how to unzip a parachute in GTA 5 PC without having to watch a video.

How can you use a parachute in GTA 5 PC for consoles?

Because each sort of console is distinct, we’ll look at how to accomplish it for each one separately.

Note: Before leaping out of an aircraft or helicopter, keep in mind that you must have a parachute in your inventory so that you may use it afterward.

This is done by inspecting your weapon inventory (with the L1 button on PS) and if nothing appears in the lower right corner, it means you don’t have any and must purchase it from the shop (The process of putting on the parachute is automatic)

It’s quite simple; simply hit the “X” button to open it.

Simply hit the “A” key.

Cheat Code for GTA 5 Parachute
If you already know how to use a parachute in GTA 5 PC and only want to enter a cheat code to acquire a parachute right away, you may do so by entering the code that corresponds to your platform, which is shown below.

PS3/PS4: Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, Left, Left, Right, L1
Xbox 360/Xbox One: Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, RT, Left, Left, Right, LB
Mobile/Cell: 1-999-759-3483

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GTA 5 PC Parachuting Missions: How to Open a Parachute

In GTA 5, there are 13 parachute jumps that you must do if you want to complete the game completely. After completing the first Strangers and Freaks task, Risk Assessment with Dom, you will be eligible to take on this challenge. When this meeting is over, thirteen parachute icons will appear on the pause menu map, marking the commencement positions of each jump.

Some jumps are started by boarding a helicopter, while others are started by approaching a parachute and hitting the Right button. When jumping from a helicopter, keep in mind that you must ascend to the back of the vehicle rather than the passenger seat.

The leaps can be done in any sequence and with any of the three characters (Michael, Franklin, and/or Trevor).

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