If you know where to look, you may change your Valorant name once every 30 days.

What is a Riot ID?

In order to join Valorant and other Riot games, someone has to know your name and the hashtag of 3-5 numbers/letters.

Since each user’s hashtag will be distinct from another’s, it’s possible to utilize the same display name for several people. In a Valorant match, however, only the name (and not the hashtag) is displayed. The hashtags are used mostly to connect with new people.

What you can change

You can change your full Riot ID, which includes both your display name and your hashtag if you want. It might look like this: MYGAM#TA1, but I’d prefer to use something like MYGAM#PIK.

How much does it cost to get a new Riot ID number?

If you want to change your Riot ID for free, Valorant is lucky. In games like League of Legends, Riot Points (RP) were used to change your Summoner name.

Here Are The Steps How To Change Your Riot ID

Step 1: Check your Riot account on to see if you already have an account there. The email might be sent to your account’s associated email address.

Step 2: On the left side of your account box, click “RIOT ID.” This will take you to the next step. This box is also where you can change your email and password if you need to.

Step 3: Click the pencil-shaped “edit” icon to the right of your Riot ID. This will open the “edit” screen.

The Valorant name can be changed as many times as you want (Riot ID)

Keep in mind that if you change your Riot ID, your name will change in all Riot games. The support team at Riot says that you can only do this once every 30 days, so pick your battles a little more carefully!

That’s all we can say. We hope it helps you get your Valorant name changed quickly. Good luck with your trip!

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