Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) offers players the unique opportunity to step into the shoes of three distinct protagonists, each with their own stories and abilities.

If you’re playing GTA 5 on a PC and want to change characters during gameplay, this step-by-step guide will show you how to seamlessly switch between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

Steps To Change Character in GTA 5 PC

Step 1: Understand the Character Switching Mechanic

Before diving into character switching, it’s essential to grasp how the mechanic works. GTA 5’s narrative unfolds through the perspectives of three characters.

To change characters, you’ll need to access the in-game menu and select the one you want to play as. Keep in mind that some missions and activities require you to play as specific characters, so character switching may not always be available.

Step 2: Open the Character Wheel

In GTA 5, character switching is done through the character wheel, which can be accessed in the following way:

1. On your PC keyboard, press the “Alt” key.

2. The character wheel will appear on your screen, displaying icons for each of the three protagonists: Michael (blue), Franklin (green), and Trevor (orange).

Step 3: Select Your Desired Character

Once you’ve opened the character wheel, follow these steps to select your preferred character:

1. Use your mouse to hover over the character icon you want to switch to. The selected character’s icon will enlarge.

2. Left-click on the character’s icon to switch to them.

Step 4: Enjoy Playing as Your Chosen Character

Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed characters in GTA 5 on your PC. You will now assume control of the character you selected, allowing you to explore the vast open world, complete missions, and engage in various activities from their perspective.

Additional Tips:

  1. Restrictions on Character Switching: As mentioned earlier, certain missions and story sequences in GTA 5 restrict character switching. When these restrictions are in place, the character wheel will not be available until the game allows you to switch again.
  2. Online Multiplayer: If you’re playing GTA Online, character switching works differently. In the online mode, you create your own custom character and do not switch between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor as in the single-player campaign.
  3. Special Abilities: Each protagonist has a unique special ability that can be activated during gameplay. Michael’s ability allows him to slow down time during gunfights, Franklin can slow down time while driving, and Trevor becomes more resistant to damage and deals extra damage in combat. Make sure to utilize these abilities to your advantage.


Changing characters in GTA 5 on your PC is a straightforward process that enhances your gaming experience by offering different perspectives on the game’s captivating narrative. By mastering the character switching mechanic, you can fully enjoy the diverse gameplay opportunities and unique stories of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor as you explore the bustling streets of Los Santos and beyond.