GTA Vice City

Lots of people ask the same question again and again about how many missions are there in GTA Vice City.

Here are the complete list of all Story Missions in GTA Vice City, as well as a detailed guide and description of what’s necessary, what’s optional, how to unlock the final mission, and more.

There are 59 narrative missions in all GTA Vice City, however, not all of them are required. The prerequisites include completing 20 main narrative missions, as well as acquiring 6 Assets and completing their related assignments (the 2 Print Works missions are mandatory).

The remaining missions are optional, such as the 13 Gang Missions and 5 Pay Phone Missions. However, all 59 tasks are required to complete the game completely.

The GTA Vice City missions mentioned here are in chronological sequence, even if certain missions from various contacts become available at the same time and may be played in any order.

When you click on a GTA Vice City assignment, you will be taken to its complete details, which include Mission Objectives, Rewards, a Video Walkthrough, and further information. The guide also applies to GTA Vice City Definitive Edition.

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List of Missions in GTA Vice City

Initial Missions

The following is a list of the initial missions in GTA Vice City. 18 of these 22 missions are required for plot development, while the remaining four missions (Avery’s tasks and “All Hands on Deck!”) are optional.

  1. An Old Friend
  2. The Party
  3. Back Alley Brawl
  4. Jury Fury
  5. Riot
  6. Treacherous Swine
  7. Mall Shootout
  8. Guardian Angels
  9. Four Iron (Optional)
  10. Demolition Man (Optional)
  11. The Chase
  12. Phnom Penh ’86
  13. Sir, Yes Sir!
  14. Two Bit Hit (Optional)
  15. The Fastest Boat
  16. Supply & Demand
  17. Death Row
  18. All Hands On Deck! (Optional)
  19. Rub Out
  20. Shakedown
  21. Bar Brawl
  22. Cop Land

Gang Missions (Optional)

The following optional missions in Vice City include several gangs and groups: the Cubans, Haitians, Bikers, and the band Love Fist.

These missions are not essential for the plot to develop.

  1. Love Juice
  2. Psycho Killer
  3. Alloy Wheels of Steel
  4. Messing With The Man
  5. Hog Tied
  6. Publicity Tour
  7. Stunt Boat Challenge
  8. Cannon Fodder
  9. Naval Engagement
  10. Juju Scramble
  11. Bombs Away!
  12. Dirty Lickin’s
  13. Trojan Voodoo

Pay Phone Missions (Optional)

The following are optional assassination missions given via a Pay Phone by the mysterious character Mr. Black.

These missions are not required for story progression.

  1. Road Kill
  2. Waste the Wife
  3. Autocide
  4. Check Out at the Check In
  5. Loose Ends

Asset Missions

The tasks listed below are dedicated to the purchase of assets, properties, and enterprises around Vice City.

Not all of these are essential for the plot to develop. You must, however, accomplish the tasks of at least six of these Assets, one of which must be Print Works – Phil’s Place does not count.

Malibu Club

  1. No Escape?
  2. The Shootist
  3. The Driver
  4. The Job

Phil’s Place

  1. Gun Runner
  2. Boomshine Saigon

Kaufman Cabs

  1. V.I.P.
  2. Friendly Rivalry
  3. Cabmageddon

Print Works (Mandatory)

  1. Spilling the Beans
  2. Hit the Courier

Sunshine Autos

The Sunshine Autos Import Garage should get at least the first list of automobiles.

Pole Position Club

Spend $300 (5 minutes) inside the dance room.

Viceport Boatyard

52. Checkpoint Charlie

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

53. Distribution

InterGlobal Studios

  1. Recruitment Drive
  2. Martha’s Mug Shot
  3. G-Spotlight

Final Storyline Missions

After completing objectives for at least six assets (including Print Works), you will get access to GTA Vice City’s last two plot missions:

  1. Cap The Collector
  2. Keep Your Friends Close…

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