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Apart from the thrill of enjoying a good game, every gamer must desire to experience every detail of the entire sound effects while playing their favorite games. A great headphone will have you feeling like you’re experiencing the kicks, jumps, or battles with your gaming enemies in real time.

In addition to enjoying all the significant gaming sound effects while you play, you can communicate with your gaming buddies and enjoy some soundtracks. This means gamers will likely have gaming headphones on for hours, and many factors must be considered when picking out their audio-listening device. 

Choosing headphones that guarantee your comfort regardless of what gaming platforms you’re using is a top priority. This article will cover the best gaming headphones in India, considering all essential factors and features.

What To Look Out For When Choosing The Right Gaming Headphone

Selecting the best gaming headphones can be a tough decision for gamers. There are lots of considerations that must be made to give one the best gaming experience. 

Many gamers need to pay more attention to the comfort or quality their audio device can provide. They are fixated on its appearance and are more concerned about other gaming gadgets. If you desire a fantastic gaming experience, consider the following factors when choosing gaming headphones.

The Fit

Often, people need to remember to check the head fit of their headphones at the time of purchase. This could be a problem if you’re buying your products online. However, wearing headphones that are a little too tight over the head or the ears can make for a terrible gaming experience, especially since many gamers spend hours on end wearing their headphones to play various games.

To be in top shape and ensure maximum performance, you need to know your headphones’ fit before making a purchase. You don’t want your “game enemies” killing your avatar because you are split between the game and worrying about your headphones fitting.

Gaming Platform

Some headphones are better suited to a given platform than they would be to another. It’s important to consider what device or game platform you will be playing on and do your best to select products with the best features for your gaming device.

For instance, if a particular gaming headphone is fabulous for mobile, consider checking for a headphone primarily suitable for PCs if you will be playing mainly on your gaming PC.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of headphones is one of the most important factors to be on the lookout for in a pair of gaming headphones. Your gaming headset should relay the sounds in ways that make it seem like you are having a live-action experience.

Dealing with headphones with crappy sound production would take away from the fun and make you lose games because you can’t hear footsteps approaching until they’re too close. Ensure that you test the sound quality of your device before deciding to buy the product.


In multiplayer games, gamers usually communicate with teammates and opponents. Microphones help with communication, and no one wants a situation where they lose a match because the player on the other end couldn’t make out what they were saying at some point due to poor mic quality.

Many gamers opt for headphones with detachable mics because gaming headphones could do better in the microphone feature department. Unless you’re using some high-end headphones, whatever the case, checking out the microphone feature of your gaming headphones will save you the stress of discovering that you have a poor communication link later during a game.

Noise Cancellation

Gamers who want their gaming sessions to be devoid of external sound interference need to consider checking if their gaming headphones have the noise-canceling effect option. However, most “on a budget” gaming headphones won’t have a great noise cancellation feature; you might need to cough up some more cash if it’s essential to you.

In addition to blocking all the commotion around you, the noise isolation feature helps gamers enjoy the full bass effect on all their games. If you can’t go for headphones with a noise-canceling impact, consider buying headphones with a good seal that’ll block out as many external sounds as possible.

Wireless or Wired

Wireless headphones offer so much ease and have become more prevalent today. Wired headphones are not as typical as they were at some point. However, both have pros and cons which gamers might want to consider when selecting their new gaming headphones.

Wired headphones are believed to have better connectivity, compatibility, sound quality, and reduced latency and are also more affordable. However, you can move around quickly with wireless headphones, and you don’t have to worry about cables that can get damaged.

With the various pros and cons, gamers must decide on the best fit based on where they plan to use the gaming headphones and on what devices. The other option would be to have one of each of them.

Material Used

Gaming headphones are made with either plastic or metal and fitted with soft foam. One of the significant reasons why gamers usually go for products made with materials that aren’t durable is the price range.

It would be best to let comfort and quality influence your decision, too, even when working “on a budget.” If you decide to settle for a cheaper option, you might have to replace it in no time when little extra bucks could have landed you something more durable and functional.

Plastic headphones are prone to breaking easily. In several reviews, gamers have reported that their plastic gaming headphones broke 3 – 6 months after it was purchased. Consider buying plastic headphones with metal and foam fittings or metal headphones.

Battery Life

For gaming headphones that have to be charged (i.e., your wireless headphones), it’s a sensible idea to check how long the headphone battery lasts after a full charge. Some headphones stay 15 hours, and some high-end products last well above 30 hours.

It’s best to go for an option with long-lasting battery life. Still, if you have a limited budget, consider wireless headphones with detachable cables that allow you to continue gaming even after the battery runs out, and you wait to power up.

Best Gaming Headphone And Feature

Based on gamers’ experience, these are some of the best gaming headphones available in India.

JBL Quantum 100

JBL Quantum 100

JBL Quantum 100, like all other JBL gaming headphones, is quite affordable and still offers excellent quality to its users. It is easy to cart around because of the light plastic build and can be used on multiple platforms like PCs, Xbox, and Androids, amongst others.

The headphones are functional and easy to use without unnecessary installations and are fitted with removable microphones. They are also very affordable, and gamers can enjoy their excellent features even with a budget.

It can be used on different platforms.
Has a low latency.
The price is very reasonable Microphones are detachable and reasonably usable for the price compared to other gaming laptops on the market
The sound quality of the headphones is quite extraordinary, considering the low cost.
No noise cancellation.
The plastic build is considered a weak material, prone to break easily.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

Hyperx Cloud Alpha

HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of India’s best gaming headphones for PCs. It is built with adequate padding to protect the head and laps appropriately over the ear during usage, allowing gamers to experience comfort while gaming. The headphone seal also allows sounds to be blocked out properly.

It has an incredible battery life, arguably one of its best features. The sound production quality is out of this world which is excellent because many gamers’ dreams would be to feel like they are in the game, and you get to live in that dream with audio features that let you hear even the smallest of sounds.

It can be used on different platforms.
Has apparent sound quality.
Comfortable because of good build quality.
The battery life is almost unreal.
The cables are detachable
It is visually appealing.
It is a little pricey.

SteelSeries Arctis 1

SteelSeries Arctis 1

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 gaming headphone is equipped to function on almost every gaming platform, including mobile phones. It is a wired gaming headphone that is very affordable for any gamer.

It is also built with a detachable microphone that you can take off when you’d rather not deal with a mic and have no use for it. The sound quality is also good, and you’d be getting better than it is worth.

Easy to handle because of its lightweight.
Amazing software
It can be used for extended periods.
Has excellent sound quality and a detachable microphone.
It can be used on different platforms.
The microphone quality is terrible
No LED lights

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

For gamers on a budget but still want a great gaming experience, the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is a safe option. The inbuilt microphone is flippable and can be easily put out of the way, although it can’t be removed.

The plastic build may be considered a No-No to some gamers, but it allows for ease of usage. Gamers can wear the headphones for hours without experiencing any unnecessary discomfort. You can pair it with your PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

The microphone is detachable.
Evident sound quality.
Comfortable because of good build quality.
A microphone is bendable.
Very affordable.
Prone to heating up.
The microphone is not detachable.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless gaming headphones are some extra-pretty headphones for gamers with extra rupees to spend. The sound quality on this is better than great, and you should consider what you need to pay to own one.

The headphone bands are adjustable and can be worn by just about anybody without worrying about them being too tight or loose. The materials are built to provide the best possible for every gamer.

It is easy to use
Provides users with great comfort while gaming.
The build allows for adjustments to accommodate any head dimension.
The product is rather pricey.
The microphone is not detachable.

Corsair HS50 Pro

Corsair Hs50 Pro

Corsair HS50 Pro has significant audio effects that allow you to pick up footsteps, cracks, shouts, etc., during gaming sessions. You’ll quickly get enveloped in the experience of playing games while using these headphones.

The microphones do what mics are supposed to do and help gamers communicate effectively. The mics also have noise-canceling effects and are easily detachable. The HS50 Pro’s metal build for a budget-friendly gaming headphone is excellent, and its headband fittings allow you the best gaming experience.

The audio effects are of outstanding quality.
The microphone is usable.
Comfortable build.
Quality is worth the cost.
Some users report certain inconsistencies.
Noise cancellation effects are poor.
Ear cups are not removable.

Astro Gaming A50

ASTRO Gaming A50

Some gamers have issues using gaming headphones with their glasses on, but with Astro Gaming A50 velour pads, you can comfortably game with your glasses on and not experience discomfort. The headphones have many features that help users adjust, control, and customize settings.

The audio quality is excellent but doesn’t offer any isolation effects. However, you can hear every footstep and gunshot in the game. You will have to work on a more flexible budget if you’re planning to add this to your collection of gaming gadgets.

The microphone is adjustable and can be muted by turning it up.
Amazing sound quality.
Great isolation features.
Convenient to use because it’s wireless and allows easy movement.
High-end product.
No noise cancellation.

Logitech G331

Logitech G331

One of the great things about the Logitech G331 for gamers is the adjustable headphones’ ear cups, which allow easy 90 movement. Although the microphone is inbuilt and can’t be detached, it can also be rotated up, and this movement also mutes it, which is rather convenient if you think about it.

The headbands are made with leather with foam fittings giving them a great look that allows for comfort, and the headbands can also be adjusted to fit different users regardless of head dimensions.

Good sound quality.
The design is built for comfort and allows for easy adjustments to fit
Its features are easy to use
Noise isolation is poor.
Headphones have no replacement parts.

Cosmic Byte GS410

Cosmic Byte GS410

Relatively low-cost gaming headphones that are accessible for less than a thousand rupees It is ideal for gamers who use Android mobile devices, but they can also be used on a few other gaming platforms.

The sound quality is perfect when paired with your mobile device, and you experience the bass in all its glory. Its build is very comfortable and takes into account the fact that gamers will most likely spend abnormally long hours with the headphones on.

Low cost, fit for gamers on a budget.
The sound quality is excellent.
Perfect for Android users.
Compatible on multiple platforms.
Great design.
Not very durable.
The cable is too long and gets tangled, and spoils quickly.

Logitech G733 Lightspeed

Logitech G733

The Logitech G733 Lightspeed headphones are among the top gaming headphones to use in India. The wireless headphone is excellent for gamers that need headphones with great battery life, and the battery is said to last for a whopping 29 hours per time. However, that’s in theory, and gamers believe it will only last long if some of its features are left unused.

The headband fit is excellent and ensures comfort, but the microphone could improve. It doesn’t have extraordinary noise cancellation or sealing effects but will still provide gamers with a great experience.

Battery life of up to 29 hours
Low latency
Great sound quality
Detachable microphone
It isn’t equipped for wireless connectivity

Ziumier Z30


The Ziumier Z30 headsets are large but they are fitted with enough foam on the headbands and ear cups to ensure that gamers using them for extended periods are comfortable. The headsets can be adjusted to fit the user’s head, and the microphone is bendable, so it’s easy to get it out of the way.

The headphone has noise cancellation features that allow gamers to block out all external sounds and get fully absorbed in all the game sounds. It costs over 5000 rupees for a set.

Excellent noise-canceling effect
Great audio quality
Perfect to use for long hours
Beautiful design and comes in different colors
The headphone is bulky.
The cable is too long.

Razer Kraken V3

Razer Kraken V3

For gamers who are big on good sound quality, the Razer Kraken V3 has features that make the audio so realistic. However, this feature only works if it fits perfectly on your ear because, with its non-adjustable earcups, it’s a bit harder to adjust if it doesn’t naturally lap. Thankfully, these headphones are equipped with features that help you manage the audio effects, and another bonus is it is equipped with a detachable microphone.

Additionally, it is made with excellent materials that allow gamers to enjoy maximum comfort without pain, regardless of the long gaming hours.

Audio effects are top notch
The build allows users to be comfortable
What the headphone offers is impressive for the cost.
Good software with controls that are easy to navigate.
It is pretty expensive.


How do I check whether my headphones are suitable for gaming?

For gamers, the most important things to consider when looking for gaming headphones are how comfortable they would be and the device’s sound quality. A great gaming experience is about many things, including sounds; otherwise, people would play their games on mute. It is suitable for gaming if your headphones are easy to use without pain and have features you can easily find your way around.

Are games better with headphones?

One would be led to believe they are better to use than playing games with whatever alternatives exist. Playing with headphones on gives a more personal feel to the whole experience. Every motion is significantly highlighted, and if you are imaginative enough, you can appreciate the entire experience like you’re in it, especially if you’re working with fabulous headphones.

Which gaming headphones are the best?

There are many fabulous gaming headphones, and the JBL headphones are one of the top products on the market for Indian gamers.

The other top gaming headphones are products from Sony, Apple, Beats, Logitech, Bose, and Sennheiser, amongst others.

What is the best-wired gaming headphone for PC in India?

The Arctis Nova Pro wired gaming headphone is considered one of India’s best-wired gaming audio sets. It has excellent sound qualities, headphones and ear cups are adjustable, the materials used make it very comfy to wear for long hours, and an inbuilt microphone.

It can also be paired with other devices apart from a PC, and the downside is that you should be a pro gamer or something to be dropping that amount on a gaming headphone because it is one of the high-end products, well above 40,000 Rupees.

Are wired headphones better for gaming?

Wired headphones are known to be better options for gaming because gaming is all about experiencing the sounds and all their effects, and wired headphones have better and clearer sound quality than their wireless counterparts. 

Wired headphones are also more affordable and are compatible with a wide range of platforms. However, wireless headphones are easy to use because they don’t restrict movement.

Final Words

Finding the best gaming headphones in India can be difficult, but when you take all other factors, like your budget and the platform used for gaming, it can help narrow down your choices. Even on a budget, acquiring gaming headphones that can meet your needs is possible.

A list of the best gaming headphones you can find in India for different devices has been put together based on gamers’ reviews in the hopes that it will guide you in your selection process. Additionally, you must check whatever gaming headphones you choose to ensure they provide you with the needed comfort. If you buy from an online retail store like Amazon, it might be best to use headphones with adjustable features. 

Have a great gaming experience.

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