Valorant, the popular first-person shooter video game developed by Riot Games, has been an international success since its launch in 2021.

As a result, the game’s customizable skins have become increasingly popular amongst players. This article will look at 10 of the best Vandal skins that have been released in 2023.

In order to determine which skins make the list, a number of criteria were taken into consideration. These include visual appeal and how much they stand out from other similar skins.

Additionally, how much they add to the overall aesthetic of the game was considered. Furthermore, their cost and rarity were also factors taken into account in order to determine their placement on this list.

The 10 skins featured in this article are some of the most sought-after due to their unique design and features.

They will bring any Valorant player’s arsenal to life with their vibrant colors and attractive designs. Read on to find out which ones made it into our list of ’10 Best Vandal Skins In Valorant In 2023′.

Overview Of Vandal Skins In Valorant

Valorant, the popular online shooter game, has been gaining immense traction in the gaming community since its launch in 2020. Players are drawn to its intense team-based combat and highly detailed custom skins.

Among these skins, Vandal Skins have become a favorite choice. These skins offer players an opportunity to customize their weapons with unique designs and colors.

This article will provide an overview of the best Vandal Skins available in Valorant for 2023.

Vandal Skins are special weapon skins that can be purchased from the game’s store or earned through in-game challenges and activities. These skins come in various colors and designs and can be used to customize any weapon in the game.

With a wide variety of options, players can choose from a range of creative designs such as abstract art, simple patterns, and intricate details that bring out the personality of each weapon.

The best Vandal Skins available in Valorant for 2023 offer a blend of creativity and style.

Some of these include LaserGlow Illusion Vandal, Titanium Obsidian Vandal, and Fractal Field Vandal.

Each of these skins comes with vivid colors and intricate details that create an eye-catching design that stands out on any weapon’s body. Additionally, they are also highly durable which makes them perfect for long gaming sessions without compromising on aesthetics.

Reaver Vandal Skin

The Reaver Vandal Skin is one of the most anticipated skins in Valorant for 2023. The skin features a sleek and futuristic design with several color options that make it stand out from the crowd. This vibrant design is sure to be popular among players and collectors alike.

With its unique style, the Reaver Vandal Skin will be one of the best vandal skins available in 2023.

There are several features that make the Reaver Vandal Skin stand out above other skins available in Valorant. Here are four key aspects that make this skin so desirable:

  1. Unique Design – The Reaver Vandal Skin has a bold and futuristic look that will instantly turn heads in any game.
  2. Color Options – This skin comes with several color combinations to choose from, allowing players to customize their weapon to suit their own style.
  3. High Quality Materials – The materials used in creating this skin are of the highest quality, ensuring that it will last for many years without losing its vibrant colors or shape.
  4. Limited Stock – The Reaver Vandal Skin is produced in limited quantities, making it an exclusive item for those lucky enough to get their hands on it.

This rare and highly sought-after skin will be sure to draw attention from any player who sees it equipped on a gun in Valorant during 2023, making it a must-have for any serious collector or enthusiast looking for something special.

With its unique design and high-quality materials, the Reaver Vandal skin is sure to be one of the best vandal skins available next year and beyond!

Prime Vandal Skin

The Prime Vandal Skin is one of the most sought-after skins in Valorant. In 2023, it will be more popular than ever before. The Prime Vandal Skin is a sleek and stylish skin designed to match the latest trends in the gaming community.

It features an attractive gunmetal finish with a unique dark blue color palette.

The Prime Vandal Skin also offers innovative features such as a smaller barrel size, improved recoil control, and optimized accuracy. Additionally, it has a unique sound suppressor system that reduces the sound of gunfire significantly.

This feature allows players to stay undetected from enemies while still taking out their opponents with precision and speed.

Overall, the Prime Vandal Skin provides gamers with an impressive look and feel that is sure to make them stand out among their peers in 2023.

With its innovative features, stylish design, and affordability, the Prime Vandal Skin is sure to remain one of the top vandal skins in Valorant for many years to come.

Elderflame Vandal Skin

Irony can be used to illustrate the wild success of Elderflame Vandal Skin, as it is one of the most highly sought-after and expensive skins in Valorant. This skin was released in 2021 and has since become one of the most popular options among players due to its unique design.

It features a vibrant flame design that covers the barrel of the gun and gives off an intimidating look. The gun also comes with a special spray pattern that adds to its appeal.

The Elderflame Vandal Skin is also coveted because it has some of the best stats in Valorant. It has low recoil, high accuracy, and great damage output, making it one of the best guns in the game. Additionally, it has a unique reload animation that makes playing with the gun even more enjoyable.

Players have been drawn to this skin for both its aesthetic value and its performance advantages. Despite its hefty price tag, many consider it worth every penny due to how much fun they have using it in-game.

It’s no surprise then that this skin remains one of the most popular choices among players in 2023.

Glitchpop Vandal Skin

The Glitchpop Vandal Skin is considered one of the best vandal skins in Valorant for 2023. This skin features a sleek and futuristic design that stands out among other vandal skins. Glitchpop is characterized by its distinctive color palette consisting of neon-like hues and vibrant tints.

The gun itself resembles a virtual reality device, further giving it an ethereal appearance. The main body of the gun has a glossy black finish that contrasts with the bright highlights on its barrel and magazine.

In terms of performance, the Glitchpop Vandal Skin offers various benefits to users. Its lightweight construction allows for smooth and responsive handling while providing adequate accuracy when engaging in long-range battles.

Additionally, its unique design helps reduce recoil and provides better control when firing multiple shots in rapid succession.

The Glitchpop Vandal Skin has become popular among players due to its stylish aesthetic and reliable performance capabilities.FeatureBenefit
Lightweight ConstructionSmooth & Responsive Handling
Unique DesignReduced Recoil & Better Control
Sleek AestheticStylish Look & Feel
This vandal skin offers players a great combination of style and functionality, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a statement on the battlefield.

Forsaken Vandal Skin

The Forsaken Vandal Skin is a new addition to the Valorant arsenal in 2023. It features a dark, metallic gray finish with hints of red and blue accents.

The Vandal’s design has been modified to include a unique shape and feel that will be sure to turn heads. The weapon also boasts a unique reload animation, adding to the overall aesthetic of the skin.

The Forsaken Vandal skin is one of the more sought-after skins in Valorant. Not only does it look great, but its performance is on par with some of the best Vandal skins available in 2023.

Its accuracy and damage output are both impressive, making it an ideal choice for players looking for a reliable weapon. Additionally, its recoil pattern is relatively low compared to other Vandals in its class.

The Forsaken Vandal Skin is one of the must-have skins for any serious Valorant player in 2023.

Thanks to its sleek design and excellent performance, it stands out from other Vandals and offers players an attractive option for their arsenal of weapons. With its impressive accuracy and damage output, it is sure to give players an edge in battle against opponents using lesser weapons.

Origin Vandal Skin

One anticipated objection to the Origin Vandal Skin in Valorant is that it is too expensive. However, this should not be a deterrent as the cost of this skin reflects its unique style and quality.

The Origin Vandal Skin features exquisite detail in its design and boasts an elegant two-tone color scheme that stands out from other skins. The gun also comes with a set of custom animations, including reloading, shooting, and drawing back the bolt.

These animations add an extra layer of realism to the game experience and make the gun feel more powerful while playing. Additionally, the Origin Vandal Skin offers several customization options that allow players to personalize their gun’s aesthetic according to their individual preferences.

With all these features combined, it can easily be seen why the Origin Vandal Skin is considered one of the best in Valorant for 2023. It offers a combination of style, quality, and customization – making it a worthy investment for both newbies and experienced players alike.

Tethered Realms Vandal Skin

The Tethered Realms Vandal Skin is one of the best vandal skins that can be found in Valorant in 2023. This skin, released in May 2021, has a unique design that includes a combination of vibrant colors and an intricate pattern.

The body of the gun is painted with blues, purples, and oranges to create a swirling effect. The handle features a black and gold lattice pattern while the barrel has an orange-tinted hexagonal print. All of these details combine to create a visually stunning weapon that fits perfectly into the game’s aesthetic.

In terms of performance, the Tethered Realms Vandal Skin offers players improved accuracy and damage output over other vandal skins. It also reduces recoil for more accurate shooting during intense firefights or long-range sniping situations.

Additionally, it provides greater control when aiming down sights due to its light weight and balanced design.

The Tethered Realms Vandal Skin is an excellent choice for any player looking to improve their performance while playing Valorant in 2023. Its sleek design, enhanced accuracy, and lightweight construction make it one of the best vandal skins available in the game today.

Silvanus Vandal Skin

The Silvanus Vandal Skin stands out from the rest as an embodiment of power, control and superiority. This skin is a symbol of the marks that have been left on Valorant by its players – an ever-evolving landscape of strategies, skill and tactics.

The deep blue colour of this skin represents a coolness and serenity, while the glimmering gold accents signify strength and prestige. All these qualities come together to create an almost mythical aesthetic – one that is worthy of only the best players in Valorant.

The design of this skin has been carefully crafted to represent its namesake; Silvanus was a Roman god of woodland and fields, who was said to have great influence over nature itself.

This can be seen in the intricate detailing which adorns the Vandal, with each line providing a subtle reminder of his powerful presence in Valorant. The gold trigger guard is also symbolic; it serves as a reminder that one must always remain vigilant when playing this game at its highest level.

The Silvanus Vandal Skin is one that will be treasured for years to come. Its classic design, combined with its symbolic meaning, make it an ideal choice for any player looking to take their game to the next level in 2023.

In addition to being visually stunning, it is also incredibly functional, allowing for quick target acquisition and accurate shots with ease.

Winterwunderland Vandal Skin

The Winterwunderland Vandal Skin is a seasonal skin released in 2023. The design of the skin features a snow-covered winter theme, with a white and blue color scheme that is sure to make any Valorant fan smile.

The Vandal is adorned with icy accents, and its muzzle flash reveals an icy-blue pattern when fired. It also features a unique animation, where a frosty mist emerges from the barrel after every shot. This skin is perfect for those who want to bring some extra holiday cheer to their games.

The Winterwunderland Vandal Skin is highly sought after due to its unique design and animation. It has become one of the most popular seasonal skins in Valorant since it was first released in 2023.

Players have been drawn to its stylish look and festive feel, making it an ideal choice for players looking for something special this season. Furthermore, its limited availability makes it even more desirable as only a certain number are available each season.

The Winterwunderland Vandal Skin offers players an eye-catching weapon that will stand out on any battlefield. Whether they’re playing against friends or enemies, this skin will be sure to impress everyone with its intricate design and festive feel.

With its limited availability, it’s no wonder why this skin has become so popular among Valorant players in 2023.

Wasteland Vandal Skin

The Wasteland Vandal Skin in Valorant is an allegory of a rugged and desolate cityscape, with its decaying brick walls and wafting smoke. It provides a stark contrast to the vibrant colors and lush environments of Valorant’s maps.

The following features are key components of this skin:

  • A distressed, cracked paint job on the Vandal
  • A rusted, worn-down metal frame
  • Surreal graffiti across the body and barrel

The Wasteland Vandal Skin offers players a unique aesthetic that brings new life to the game. The urban decay creates an atmosphere of desperation and survival, which can be quite exciting for those who want to fully immerse themselves in Valorant’s world.

This skin also has one of the coolest reload animations out there, as it appears that the gun is being pulled from a hidden piece of equipment within the gun itself. All in all, this skin offers an interesting look into an alternate reality within Valorant.

Popularity And Availability Of The Skins

The popularity and availability of the Wasteland Vandal Skin will be determined by the level of consumer demand in 2023. Factors such as the design, features, and affordability of the skin will be key indicators of its success.

To better understand these factors, a comparison between the Wasteland Vandal Skin and two other popular skins is provided in the table below.

Wasteland Vandal SkinDistinctive black and orange colour scheme with desert-themed elementsAnimated weapon skin with unique sound effects when firedModerate cost compared to other skins on the market
Toxic Dune SkinsGreen and yellow colour scheme with sand-themed elementsAnimated weapon skin with unique sound effects when firedHigh cost compared to other skins on the market
Sandstorm Shroud SkinsGrayscale colour scheme with sand-themed elementsStatic weapon skin without any special sound effectsLow cost compared to other skins on the market

In 2023, it is expected that there will be a high level of consumer demand for all three skins due to their distinct designs and features. The Wasteland Vandal Skin may prove to be more popular than the other two due to its moderate price point – making it accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Additionally, its distinctive black and orange colour scheme may appeal more strongly than either green/yellow or grayscale variants. As such, it is likely that this skin will remain in high demand throughout 2023.

Cost Ranges For The Different Skins

The cost ranges of the best vandal skins in Valorant in 2023 vary significantly. Generally, the most expensive skins will be Epic and Legendary, while a few may fall into the Rare and Uncommon categories. This is due to the rarity of certain skins and their aesthetic design.

The following list outlines the cost ranges for these different types of skins:

-Epic: $15-$30
-Legendary: $50-$75
-Rare: $10-$20
-Uncommon: $5-$10

It is important to note that prices are subject to change depending on market trends. Additionally, some weapons may be more expensive than others due to limited edition status or special offers from developers.

Furthermore, players may find discounted prices through various online retailers or bundle packages which may include other in-game items.

Ultimately, the cost ranges for best vandal skins in Valorant in 2023 depend on a variety of factors including rarity, design appeal and promotional deals.

How To Acquire The Different Skins

The ability to adorn one’s weaponry with unique and striking skins is part of the charm of the Valorant gaming experience. In 2023, a plethora of visually appealing skins are available that can be acquired through various methods.

The first avenue for acquiring these aesthetic upgrades is by purchasing them directly from the in-game store. A variety of options can be accessed with currency earned through gameplay or purchased with real money.

Furthermore, limited-time promotions may also be available to players giving them access to special skins at discounted prices.

Finally, players have additional ways to acquire different skins such as participating in competitions and tournaments or even trading with other players. Through these activities, players may get their hands on some rare and exclusive items that are not available to everyone else.

By exploring all the potential avenues, gamers can find the perfect skin for their character that best reflects their personality and style.

Pros And Cons Of Each Skin

The various skins in Valorant are used to customize the look of agents, weapons and equipment. The best vandal skins in Valorant come down to personal preference, as there is no definitive answer.

Some players may be drawn to the sleek designs and bright colors found in many modern skins, while others may prefer more classic or vintage designs. It really comes down to what one finds most aesthetically pleasing.

In terms of performance, each skin offers a distinct advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation. For example, some skins may provide extra protection against headshots due to their unique design, while others may offer a better grip for improved accuracy and control.

Additionally, some skins may be better suited for certain maps or game modes than others.

When choosing a skin for a particular agent or weapon in Valorant, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option carefully. Doing so can help ensure that the skin chosen provides an optimal balance between aesthetics and performance for any given situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Skins In Valorant Compatible With Other Games?

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, one of the most popular games amongst gamers is Valorant. With its ever-growing player base, many are curious to know if the skins in Valorant are compatible with other games.

To answer this question, it is important to understand the significance of skins and how they work within different game engines.

To begin with, as the saying goes “clothes make the man”, skins play a crucial role in shaping an individual’s appearance and experience in video games. Skins offer unique designs for weapons and characters that can be acquired through purchasing or events in-game.

It is worth noting that some high-level players may even opt for rare skins as a way to show off their skill level or simply as a collector’s item.

When it comes to compatibility between games, there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration such as:

  • Platforms: Not all platforms support cross play functionality which can restrict compatibility between titles
  • Version Updates: Outdated versions of games may not be compatible with new titles or content
  • Game Engines: Different game engines require different coding language which can affect compatibility

Depending on these factors, it may or may not be possible for Valorant skins to be compatible with other games. In order to properly assess this issue further research needs to be done on each individual title and platform.

As such, there is no definite answer at present but it does appear that compatibility could potentially become an option in the future depending on a variety of conditions being met.

Is There Any Way To Get Free Vandal Skins In Valorant?

The current H2 question is whether there is any way to get free vandal skins in Valorant. To answer this, it is important to consider the motivations and mechanisms behind the development of these skins.

Firstly, it is important to note that Valorant’s skin system has been designed with a monetization model in mind. This means that players are incentivized to buy these skins through the use of in-game currency which can be used to purchase them.

Secondly, it is also necessary to consider how these skins are made available for free. While some skins may be offered as promotional items or rewards for completing certain objectives, others may be available for purchase with real money or by participating in special events.

Additionally, some players have found ways of trading or exchanging their own skins for those from other games, allowing them to acquire free vandal skins from Valorant.

Finally, there are other methods of obtaining these skins without spending money on them. For instance, some websites and services offer giveaways where users can win free vandal skins from Valorant after completing certain tasks or challenges.

Additionally, some third-party marketplaces and sites allow users to trade their own items and earn virtual currency which can then be used to purchase vandal skins from Valorant.

In summary, there are various ways of obtaining free vandal skins in Valorant without having to spend money on them.

These include promotional offers, events, and exchanges with other games as well as third-party marketplaces and giveaways which can provide users with the opportunity to acquire these items without any financial cost.

Are There Any Upcoming Vandal Skins For Valorant?

The current H2 is ‘Are there any upcoming Vandal skins for Valorant?’. With the rise in popularity of the game, Riot Games, developer of Valorant, has been releasing more and more weapon skins.

These weapon skins come with improved visuals that offer a unique and distinct flair to the players’ weapons.

Players can buy these skins using in-game currency or purchase them from real-world markets. However, when it comes to Vandal skins, there are still plenty of options available:

1) The Flawless skin features an icy blue coloration with an intricate pattern along its length.
2) The Exalt skin has a sleek black design with golden accents and a bright red laser sight.
3) The Phantom skin offers a bright neon green body with intricate designs on its sides and a glowing orange tip.
4) The Tigerclaw skin has a dark tiger stripe pattern along its length and a yellow tip at the end.

The availability of these Vandal skins will depend on which platforms you play on as well as what region you are playing in. For example, some of these skins may be exclusive to certain regions or platforms like PC or console versions of the game.

Additionally, future updates could bring new Vandal skins that players can use to customize their weapons even further. As such, it is important for players to keep track of any new content released by Riot Games so they can take advantage of any new Vandal skins that might be released in the future.

It is clear that there are various options available for those looking to add additional flair to their Valorant experience by purchasing one or more Vandal skins. Some may be exclusive while others may be widely available in different regions or platforms depending on how Riot Games chooses to package their content going forward.

It is essential for players to stay up-to-date with any changes or new releases made by Riot Games so they can ensure they are able to get their hands on the latest Vandal skins before anyone else does.

Are Vandal Skins Tradeable In Valorant?

The current H2, are vandal skins tradeable in Valorant?, is an important question to consider when discussing the topic of best vandal skins in Valorant in 2023.

Trading within a game helps players customize their experience and provides the opportunity to purchase items they may not have access to.

Therefore, it is essential to understand whether or not vandal skins can be traded in Valorant.

To answer this query, it is helpful to consider the following points:

  • Firstly, Riot Games – the developer of Valorant – has not released any official statement regarding trading of vandal skins.
  • Secondly, many third-party platforms exist that offer trading options for certain cosmetics in Valorant; however, none offer trades for vandal skins specifically.
  • Thirdly, some players have reported success with exchanging vandal skins with one another via direct messages; however, this remains an unreliable approach as there is no guarantee that both parties will receive their desired item.
  • Finally, there is also potential for players to obtain vandal skins through the use of codes or giveaways on social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube; however, this remains unlikely as Riot Games typically limits its code giveaways to specific regions or countries.

It appears that while trading of vandal skins has yet to be confirmed by Riot Games, there are still numerous ways players can potentially obtain them without relying on transfers from other users or using codes/giveaways.

As such, it is likely that players will eventually be able to obtain these cosmetic items without needing to trade them with others directly.

Does The Cost Of The Skins Vary Depending On The Region?

The cost of Vandal skins in Valorant is an important factor when it comes to the game’s virtual economy. The cost of these skins varies depending on the region and can have a significant impact on buying decisions. As such, it is important to understand how much each skin costs relative to other regions.

Symbolically speaking, money can often be seen as a form of power, with those who are able to afford the most expensive items having greater influence over others.

In the world of Valorant, this is no different; players must consider their budget carefully before committing to a purchase. This means understanding how much each skin costs in their own region versus others.

By thoroughly researching pricing information from various regions, savvy players can make informed decisions about which skins to buy and which ones may be better suited for another region.

Each region has its own local economies and by taking into account these factors, players can ensure they get the best value for their money when purchasing Vandal skins in Valorant.


The introduction of Vandal Skins into the Valorant universe has revolutionized the gaming experience, offering players a visually stunning and unique aesthetic to their gaming experience. The range of options available to players has expanded exponentially, with a variety of high-quality skins being released over recent years.

With that in mind, this article will explore the 10 best Vandal Skins for Valorant in 2023. It will cover questions such as: Are these skins compatible with other games?

Is there any way to get free Vandal Skins in Valorant? Are there any upcoming Vandal Skins for Valorant? Are Vandal Skins tradeable in Valorant? Does the cost of the skins vary depending on the region?

In conclusion, while there are many exciting options available when it comes to customizing one’s character with a Vandal Skin in Valorant, it is important to consider certain factors before making a purchase.

Players should consider whether they are able to use the skin across other games or if it is exclusive to Valorant. Additionally, some players may be looking for ways to obtain free Vandal Skins in Valorant as well as researching upcoming releases.

Furthermore, it is also important to consider if Vandal Skins are tradeable and if prices vary from region to region. As such, understanding these variables can help ensure that gamers make an informed decision when selecting their desired skin for their character in order to enhance their gaming experience.